Monday, December 3, 2012

Week Fifty One - New Area, New Companion!

Tom, his companion, Malena and her daughter, Ynara.

View out of Tom's new apartment.

Tom and his new companion, Elder Rosa.
Week fifty one..... only one week away from week fifty two!  I can't believe it will be a year next week and we can finally start counting down!  The year has gone fast in some ways and slow in others.  I think Tom has mixed emotions about how fast time is flying.  He's on to a new area, a new companion and more adjusting....just another day in the life of a missionary!
Hello Fam Fam!

               My week here was okay. My companion´s okay. His name is Elder J. Rosa, he´s from Rio Grande do Sul. He´s only got about 6 months in the mission, but he´s a good missionary, and he´s enthused to work. My area is okay.... what more can I say. Oh! it started raining again everyday. It´s kind of nice but annoying at the same time. It´s incredible to think I´ve already got about 1 year in the mission, and by this time next year I´ll be home. My trainer, Elder Reis, returned home this past week. His mission ended and wow it passed fast. When I met him he had just a year and 2 months, and now he´s home sleeping. Anyways, to get to my new area, I just took a boat back to BelĂ©m and about an hour taxi ride. ParacurĂ­ is actually really close to my second area, Castanheira, only about 20 minutes away. Today I´m going to go get my Christmas package, and I think I´ll spoil Christmas by opening it early.
    Pics! My new companion! The view out of the window of our house, our baptism before leaving the Vila dos Cabanos (Malena and her daughter Ynara)
Did you get any packages, and if you did, what did you get and who from? The only package I received is the one I have to pay for, but maybe I´ll receive another tomorrow.

Is your new companion from Brazil?  What's his name?  Do you like him?
His name is Elder J. Rosa, he´s from Rio Grande do Sul, yes I like him, and I already said all this... anyways.

How is your new apartment?  Do you have a pillow?! It´s cool. It´s 3 floors up, it´s got a nice view... it´s clean and has 2 bathrooms. ++++++++! and yes  I have a pillow. 

Where do you exchange money?  I noticed you have used your card for a few small things, which is fine, but I was wondering if you got cash or just charged the card when buying something.
Generally, the grocery stores have ATMs that I can get money from. I almost never charge at the cash register.

Do you know anything about calling home for Christmas, yet? No, but I think we´ll start searching this week. I´ll let you know on the next P-day!

Well that´s all I have to say for this week. I love you all and miss you all demais! Have a great week and stay safe. And I´ll see you all 1 YEAR FROM NOW! EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGUUUUUUUUUUAAAAAAAA! Tchau Tchau!

Love Elder R. Williams

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