Saturday, December 22, 2012

Week Fifty Three - Goiabada and Acai with Sugar!

Goiabada and cream - love the tie in the background!

Acai and sugar.

Tommy with purple teeth!

Hello my Family!!!
       This week was more or less again... this area is being a little bit difficult. A lot of people here don´t want anything at all. We´re knocking on a lot of doors at the moment but getting little success.... but I think that´s normal when it comes to knocking on doors. But while knocking on doors we found a less active family, we talked a little and the father wants that we baptize his 2 kids, Joseph and Maria (9 and 8 years old), because right now he is unable to. He had some rough experiences and is in the middle of something being resolved, but I just don´t really feel like sharing much of his story. But still, most of the people here just don´t want anything. Anyways, the week was still okay, more or less. Oh, maybe you haven´t heard yet, I passed the one year mark, which is pretty awesome. I guess it´s all down hill from here... I´m not sure how I feel about that... but unfortunately, I can´t do anything about it. Pics!        The first is my one year anniversary special snack. It is goiabada or something like that with cream milk, or something like that, with noodles in the back there, of course. The second is açai, probably the worst tasting fruit, but with a lot of sugar, it´s quite amazing. And the last is me, after eating my açai, with purplish teeth. Q&A Did you get the big Christmas package I sent and was that the one that you had to pay money to get? The one I payed for has a bunch of Christmas presents in it, I think it´s that one. I only opened the ties, I promise! Any other packages from anyone this past week? I got a package from the Frandsens, and G&G Pratt. Muito Obrigado meus amados queridos!
Do you know your plans for on Christmas day, yet? No not yet. I have no idea what I´ll be doing on Christmas. It seems like a strange day to go out proselyting, and our Christmas mission party is this Wednesday... hmmm I´m stumped.
Do you know your plans for calling home, yet? I think it will be Skye! GET READY! DO WHAT YOU HAVE TO DO AND WE´LL CLOSE UP THE PLANS NEXT P-DAY!
What did you do, if anything, to celebrate your one year mark? Just had a special snack.... didn´t feel like doing much else.
Did you get the Christmas tree I sent? oooooooh a christmas tree, eh? no I have´nt received it.
Did you get all of the letters and cards I sent?ooooooh Christmas cards, eh? no I haven´t received them.
Anyways, I love you all have a great week. I´ll e-mail yas on Christmas eve and talk to yas the day after, tá? tá! I loooooooove youuuuu, ooooooh I´m so excited for Christmas!
Love Elder R. Williams

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