Monday, December 10, 2012

Week Fifty Two - One Year Mark!!

Picture off of FB, Tom and his companion after a baptism.

Love the thumbs up sign!

Tom chopping down some trees.

Tom playing the bass - first picture without missionary clothes on!
This week, on Thursday, December 13th, Tom will have been on his mission for one whole year!  Sometimes, I wondered if that day would ever come.  It's been a strange year.  Dave said the other night that when he thinks about that day that we took Tom to the airport and said goodbye, it seems like an eternity ago.  But, when he looks back on the entire year, it has flown by.  I feel the same way.  In some ways, it has been a long, long year - missing Tom every day.  Missing him to the point of tears on some days and on other days, just knowing he is growing, maturing and doing what he wants to do so being happy for him.  We can now start counting down to the day he comes home.  365 days from this coming Thursday!  I am sure the year will fly by for us, but I have a feeling it will go even faster for Tom.  He will probably start wishing time would slow down and start feeling like he's not ready to come home - seems to happen to most missionaries.  I am looking forward to this year and to all of the adventures we'll get to hear about.  I will still live for Mondays to get that e-mail and will just have to be patient until he comes home!  
    I´m short on time. This week was okay.... more or less. We´re just working with a bunch of people that need to get married that don´t want to get married, so progress is slow this week. Thanks for reminding me I hit the one year mark (like I could ever forget). Congrats to Nick on his mission call. The day you leave will come faster than you know it.
Did you get any packages this past week? Please tell me you got my big package and if you did, you better not have opened any presents! Did you get any of the other packages from me? There are two small ones besides the big one. Any packages from anyone else? I got a package from G&G Williams. Muito obrigado, love ya´ll!

Are you going to do anything for your one year mark? Don't missionaries usually burn something? I don´t know right now, maybe I´ll burn a tie, not sure....

Did you like the cookies that I sent from Mr. Cheney's? Dad said to tell you that he wishes he could bring you a cinnamon roll! cookies were awesome!

Have you heard anything about calling home, yet? no will get the info this week.

Are you dreaming in Portuguese, yet? I heard that's how you know you really know the language. It sounds like you are doing great with the language and maybe are having a hard time with English, sometimes? I´m not dreaming much but I´m quite sure I´ve dreamed in Portuguese numerous times.

Dad wants to know if you have to teach your companion the ropes? Are you pretty much in charge? no, he´s pretty much got it down. Maybe I´ll have more control when and if I actually train, but right now, he can have it....
Anyways, pics this week are of me and a bass guitar I found and me cutting a tree... I think...
Anyways.... anyways.... I love you all have a great week as you celebrate my one year mark. Stay safe. Thanks for everything you do for me and send me. I know the church is true!!!!
Love Elder R. Williams

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