Monday, November 12, 2012

Week Forty Seven - White Saturday!

Hello!      This week was pretty good. We had a little activity called "White Saturday," which is when you have all the missionaries of the zone (6 duplas here) baptize in the same chapel. We 10 baptisms in total. My companion and I only baptized one person, and we didn´t have a confirmed baptism until the day of, so we were running backwards a little this week. At the baptism, we sang that primary song "quando eu for batizado" (when I am baptized, but I´m not sure if that´s the title in English) and "que manhã maravilhosa" (that marvelous morning, again I forgot the name in English). It was really cool. President and Sister Scisci were there, and sister Scisci said she cried while hearing it. How spiritual are we, nè? (probably not so much) Anyways, that´s about it for this week, unfortunately. Oh, some exciting news! My companion hit his 1 year mark! Wooohooo! Me next! Me next! Me next!.... continuing on.
        Interesting news to hear that someone was called to a 3 year mission. A few months ago, one of my companions asked me if I would serve a 3 year mission if I were called. It´s a tough decision, but I think I would. And that´s even more interesting that he got to call President Monson´s office. Hrmmmmmmm.... Nate´s costume is pretty awesome, but I´m drawing a blank on Macklemoore, too. Hey! Give me updates every week about the jazz games por favor! Egua! Only one more season and the first few games of the next and it´s all over for me. Scary.
Dad wants to know if you are teaching anyone or have any investigators? Yes we are teaching people. "Nothing happens in the missionary work until you find people to teach," and I´m definitely not doing nothing, although I have heard that many missionaries are slacking off. FUBEKAS! We taught 2 people who have gone to the church a number of times, but we just found out at church yesterday that they aren´t members. And they both accepted a baptismal date this Saturday, which is really exciting.

Do you have an oven, microwave or both? and a stove!

Are there any little bakeries in your area and if so, do you ever go to them? yes there are, but rarely do I buy from them.

Andy has asked me a couple of times if you have gotten his e-mails -- can you reply to him when you get one, just so he knows it went through? Yeah I received an e-mail from him a week or 2 ago, don´t remember very well. Sorry I forgot to mention that. It was great to hear from him and that he and everyone else is doing well.

Have you been out to eat at any restaurants in your new area and if so, what kind of restaurant was it? There are a lot of churrascarias here (BBQ), and I´m loving it. But we don´t there too often.

Do you have a washer and dryer where you are now? Just a washer, but we don´t need dryers here. I don´t think anyone in the state of Pará uses a dryer.

Any packages or letters this past week and if so, who from? Nothing yet, but it´s almost Christmas, já, and I´m as excited as relampago!....

Well that´s all for this week. I´m feeling a little too lazy to search pics to send him because it´s completely out of order and I don´t know what I´ve already sent home, but next week, first thing I´ll do is send about a bajillion pics home, tá? tá! I love you all and am glad that you are all safe, and that he hurricane hasn´t hit Utah yet! Have a great week and forget about MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!e!E1E11E!E1E1!e1!

Love Elder Williams

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