Saturday, November 24, 2012

Week Forty Nine - Getting Ready for Christmas!

Picture posted on facebook by Carla.  

No pictures this week, but I found this picture of Tom and his companion on facebook, so I added it to this week's post.  I am wondering if this is from when he and his companion acted in a ward play?  Guess I'll have to ask him!

     EGUA! this is annoying. I got a kid here to fix my pen drive,and while he was fixing it, I bought another pen drive. I tried to put some pics on the new one and the same thing that happened to the old one happened to this one, saying I need to insert a disc  to use it... but meu amigo ends up getting the other one to work again. I try using the old one today, and it ends up saying the same thing, "insert disc...." GAAAAHHHH, WHAT LUCK! friggin frustrating!
     Anyways, this week was okay.... but now I can´t remember anything because there is so much frustration in my brain.... This week we had an exposition of the church at the park, which went well I guess. We gave away a bunch of Books of Mormon and Teachings of the Prophets. Some people showed some interest, others were a little mad that the Mormon missionaries talked to them... but whatev. Wow, it´s the last week of the transfer already. Every single one just passes faster and faster. I think when I arrived in the mission field, I looked at everything on a daily, maybe hourly, basis, but now, the transfers are just flying by! hrmmm... what more can I say?
    Can you believe it´s thanksgiving already? I´m quite sure Thanksgiving isn´t celebrated here. People here are already getting ready for Christmas. It´s weird, lots of Christmas lights but no snow. NATAL CHEGOU! Hey! good idea about the party! I think I´ll do that too! Should be easy, and awesome. I´ll probably eat a loooot of pork and beef! Hmmmm, soo good! Thanks for Justin´s info, I´ll be sure to right him today. Don´t worry Justin! A letter´s coming buddy! Egua! Only 6 months left! Eeeesh the mission passes too fast. And all that other stuff is interesting, moving on!
 Grandpa wants to know what "Equa" means because you say it a lot in your e-mails.  He tried to look it up and translate, but got something like a female horse, which he doesn't think that's what it means. Egua, in fact, does mean female horse, but it is used here as "wow!" or "gosh dangit" or "frick" or "holy moly".... I promise it is not palavrão (swear word).... where I´m serving at least....

Do you know if you'll be able to Skype on Christmas when you call home?  If you find out you can, let me know asap so I can get a camera.  We can't wait to talk to you, again! I´m not sure... I might be transferred this next week, so I´ll wait until after the 27th to see what to do for Christmas.

Any packages or letters this past week and if so, from who?  I mailed you another small package this past week with mostly some letters and than a couple, small gifts that didn't make it into your big Christmas package. No, but that´s okay, you´re e-mails are good enough for now.

What season is it down there, now?  I figure the weather probably isn't much different but someone asked me about the season the other day and I didn't know. The weather is the same. Very hot, lots of sweat, but I think it will start raining soon.

Does Brazil do a holiday like our Thanksgiving?  I am sure you won't be too bummed to miss it, as I never got the feeling it was your favorite holiday. I´m not sure. Thanksgiving in Portuguese is "dia de ação de graça," or day of action of grace... or something like that. Search it up on the net...
Okay, that´s all. I forgot my camera, sorry!. I love you all and will miss you a bunch, especially in this next month, mas eu preciso continuar firme! Have a safe week and enjoy Thanksgiving. Gotta go now Tchau Tchau!

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