Monday, October 29, 2012

Week Forty Six - Sword Envy!

View on Tom's street.

View out of his window.

Elder Mendonca's sheath and sword.

Bom Dia! Que belo saco de milho você tem!
     Well, as usual, hope you had a really good week last week! I was glad to hear about your new companion and that you think he will be a good missionary to be with yo.... oh wait... I´m just repeating what you said. That´s weird. Anyways, my week was okay. My companion´s pretty funny. He likes to talk a lot. He has about a billion and one stories to tell. And he´s usually pretty blunt with with people we teach. But he´s a good missionary, has lots of experiences, and should help me out a lot. Unfortunately I don´t have a lot of news this week. Not a lot is going on here, Ma!
         Thanks for the picture of the mountains. Looks cool. Hearing about that hurricane is unfortunate, but it hasn´t affected anything here.  Funny to hear about Elio in the Air Force. Good Luck! If it´s anything like the mission, it should pass quick and be a good experience. Egua time is passing fast. It´s already almost Christmas, you already sent me my package. Justin´s almost in the last quarter of his mission, já! Frick, this is weird!
      Anyways, pics this week are assim: Elder Mendonças sheath and sword. Egua I´m jealous. If you see me take out about 500 bucks from my account, it´s because I bought a sword. The next one is the view of our street outside the window, and the next is a view out the window of the chapel on the third floor.
  Do they celebrate Halloween in Brazil?  If they do, does everyone dress up like they do here? I think they do, but it doesn´t seem very popular. I´ve only seen a billboard that says there will be a party in the forest on the first instead of 31st anyways, I haven´t seen much about Halloween here.

Have you had any bad weather there - maybe could be from that hurricane headed our way. Nothing here. I think the daily rain should start up again this next month.

Is there anything you need that I could have Grandma send in her Christmas package to you?  How are you on deodorant and sunscreen? Deodorant don´t need, nor sunscreen. Oh I have an idea. Cinnamon(?) rolls. I think if you send the kind you have to cook in the oven, I can learn... but send some microwavable ones just in case. UMMMM CINNAMON!

Is the beach you sent a picture of on the banks of the Amazon? I don´t really have a clue. I think I need to look up where I´m at on Google maps.

Any packages or letters this past week?  If so, who from? zero letters from my good friend, no one... But that´s okay, my mission is almost over já. 
Anyways, that´s my life so far. Thanks for everything you do for me at home. Thank you for your love and support. The church is true, I love you, em nome de Jesus Cristo, Amém!
Love Elder Williams

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