Monday, October 1, 2012

Week Forty Two - Basketball and Boats

Houses on the trip from Belem.

The boat from Belem.

Tom on the boat from Belem.

Hello Family!
    Glad to hear things are good and the weather is getting better. Ugh, I miss change in seasons. Anyways, my week was okay. I baptized another 8 year old.... yipeee! The young men watched the Avengers in the chapel a few nights ago. I didn´t watch it but I did see a little of the behind the scenes stuff. Egua it looks cool! But, but, but! I have to wait. Some days during the week, we get up at 5:50 to play basketball for an hour at the church, which is always fun. We did it today and I´m exhausted now. We taught a guy this past week the plan of salvation. His sister is a member and her husband to, but they´re not really doing much to help him get baptized, which is kind of annoying. "you have to take it slow with him, maybe one visit during the week." Egua! he´s never going to get baptized at that rate.
       Anyways, when we taught the plan of salvation, we tried to make it as specific and detailed as possible to let him know that God really has a plan, that is not just "baptized, sleep on the clouds, not baptized, cooked in an oven for eternity," but we will all be judged according to EVERYTHING that we did here, and only the people that keep ALL the commandments of God (go to church every Sunday, Em, and stop drinking coffee.... Mom) will have eternal life! I think he actually started to reflect on it, but still did not go to church, DA´GOMMIT!
    So yeah that was my week. Agora, my response to your e-mail. I am almost 90% sure that Vila dos Cabanos is north east of Belém. The boat that we got only goes south, but the road goes north east. When I arrived, I thought the sun was setting in the north. Egua! that was confusing. Don´t worry about sending music. My pen drive screwed itself up somehow. When I try to open it on the computer it says a disc needs to be inserted and I have no options to do anything with it. Sheesh I wanna feel that fall air so bad right now! And that´s high-larry-us that Toby´s day is ruined when he doesn´t go to the park. Man I miss that dog! Anyways, the sad news is very unfortunate to hear. I had a few classes with Brock Butler in high school and he was always very cheery, happy, and friendly, and it´s horrible to hear that he passed away. I didn´t know him very well, but we talked a few times in class and he was a very cool person. Sad news is sad...
You said you got a package last week.... who was it from?  When we send stuff, we are always wondering if you get it or not. The package was from home. It had the letter from David and Landon in it. Mmmm can´t wait for the next one.

Are you still eating rice and beans?  Are they different from area to area? Rice and beans for every day, the more you eat the more... you know the rest, and no, they are the same... everywhere....

We are wondering what "Bible bashing" is that you talked about in your last e-mail. Debating with the bible. "The bible says this!" "No no no, you´re wrong! here it says this!" yeah, that kind of stuff.

How are your shoes holding up? Fine!

If I send new shirts for Christmas and garments, how many do you need? 3 or 4 of each

How's the language coming for you?  Seems like you haven't been too frustrated about it, so hopefully it's easy for you now! I haven´t been practicing much during this transfer. Zone leaders don´t have a whole lot of time, but I think it´s going fine. I usually understand what is said... more or less.
Some houses along the river. A boat... with many cars! ooooOOOooo!  Look! I´m on that boat!
So that´s all for now. I love you all have a nice day and a nice week. Stay safe, be health, make smart choices. Em! you´re birthday letter is coming! but it might be a little late, tá bom? tá! tchau!
Love Elder R. Williams

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