Sunday, October 28, 2012

Week Forty Five - Assistant to the Assistant to the President!

Tom, his companion and Jean.

The beach, which Tom cannot enjoy :(

Tom and Elder Puffer watching conference.

Alo Mamãe, Papai, meu irmão e minha irmã!

           Well my week was pretty good! I met my new companion, Elder Munhós. He´s from the south of Brazil, I forget which state. He hits one year in the mission this next month. I´m still the zone leader´s companion, which I hope changes after this transfer. Elder Munhós actually trained Elder Hoch, an mtc buddy, which is cool. He doesn´t show a lot of emotion, but he seems like a good missionary, and a hard worker. Before the mission he was drafted into the army here in Brazil and says he wants to return after his mission. But this week I actually had 2 companions, the second was Elder Cavalheiro, one of the president´s assistants. The assistants arrived Wednesday night and stayed at our place. Six missionaries in one home is kind of annoying, but anyways, they ended up dividing my companion and I, one assistant went with my companion, the other with me. I now have an idea of what it takes to be an assistant in the mission, which doesn´t seem easy. Anyways, it was a great learning experience, and I think it will help a lot, because I have a better idea of what I can change and where I can improve.
         But that´s about all that happened this week. So yeah, kind of short. But I´m glad to hear everyone´s week went well! The increase in missionaries is cool to hear, good luck President Monson!
The first is of me, my companion, and Jean, the kid that left for his mission just over a week ago. The next is me watching general conference with my roommate, Elder Puffer. He just started his second to last transfer this week. A picture of the beach, which I can´t enjoy. And a little family home evening we had at a members place.
What is your new companion's name?
Elder Munhós!
Where is he from and does he speak English at all?
Some place close to Santa Catarina, and no he doesn´t speak English, at all
How are you feeling - are you healthy?
I´m feeling fine, no problems here.
Where do you go to e-mail each week in your new area?
A cyber/lan house close to the park, here in the vila
Any packages or letters this week and if so, who from?
I received a letter from one of my teachers in the MTC, Irmã Korth. It was really cool to hear from here.... what more can I say?

Anyways, I think that´s all for now. I love you all, stay safe, let me in on some more news outside of home too please.... what more can I say? Tchau!

Love Elder Assistant to the assistant of the president!

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