Monday, October 15, 2012

Week Forty Four - Strange Dreams!

Cool Family Home Evening.

Tom waiting for lunch and dying in the heat!

Hello Mom, Dad, Em, David, and whoever else might be reading!
      I´m glad to hear everyone´s week was good, and without problems, except for maybe a chewed up shoe, but that´s okay, Toby´s worth a chewed up shoe, right David? Enjoy the weather for me, send more pics, and it´s nice to hear that everyone is not dead on the couch without me... that was something I was worried about.... well... not really.......... Anyways, the house looks great! Maybe you can send a pic of the changes to my room. Is it red still? I was able to watch conference in English, thankfully. Watching anything in Portuguese is still difficult, and I usually just doze off.
      But yeah, my week was okay. A funny story rapidinho! I´m starting to do some really weird things in my dreams. One night, Elder Mendonça heard me saying "Thelma, Selma, Belma, Telma," or something like that, and after I sit up on my bed not doing anything.... and I start saying "A sala está vazia! (the room is empty)" and I grab my companions arm telling him "A sala está vazia!" and he starts thinking we´re being robbed! Egua! my dreams are weird! And I have no idea what I´m dreaming!
        Anyways!On Monday we went to Elder Mendonça´s previous area, Ananindeua, so that he could say goodbye to at least a few people. President Scisci didn´t allow, originally, anyone that is ending their mission to visit previous areas, because a lot of missionaries in past transfers abused the privilege and got lazy in their last transfers, not doing anything. So, my companion was very upset about that, and talked to presidente, and he let him visit one area. So we took about an hour and a half bus ride to get there, going over some really cool bridges, unfortunately not getting any pictures, but I got to say hi to Elder Shaw, my air plane buddy, again! He´s already a zone leader and a missionary super powerful! We ended up missing the bus to return to our area, and stayed the night at Elder Shaw´s place. His birthday was Tuesday, the big Vinte years old! PARA-BENS ELDER SHAW!
      This past week was Elder Mendonça´s last as a missionary. He gave his testimony for the last time in sacrament meeting and after, when he sat down next to me, he started crying :/ He´s not happy to be leaving the mission. His conditions aren´t great at home and it´s difficult for him to let go of everything he has here. He went to Belém today, will buy some things, have his interview with presidente, and tomorrow at about 4 a.m. he returns home. I liked my time with Elder Mendonça. He was a great missionary, and maybe my best companion. He worked hard, didn´t slack off, we had 6 baptisms together, one yesterday, and now it´s all over for him and I have to continue here in the Vila. The transfer is tomorrow, my new companion is Elder Munhós, and he will be Zone Leader, so I´m still the companion of the zone leader, which is cool I guess. I think he trained Elder Hoch, a buddy from the MTC. But yeah, it was kind of sad to see Elder Mendonça go, and now I´m kind of dreading my last few days in the mission. But I can´t stop now, gots to continue!
      Pics! The first is of me dying in the heat, waiting for lunch to arrive. A friend of Elder Mendonça´s in his previous area. He´s preparing himself to go to the United States to do that foreign exchange student thingy, which is cool. One is of a Family Home Evening activity we had, which was cool too.
When does your companion go home? Tomorrow :(

Any packages or letters this past week?  If so, from who? no

What is Blizzcon news? World of Warcraft!

Do you visit with families with little kids and is there something I could send you to give to them?  Do kids down there like Disney? Not a whole lot, but if you want to send some Disney stickers or something I wouldn´t complain.

Do you know of any other American missionaries in your area?  If you do, where are they from? Elder Puffer, is from Clinton UT, and a new Elder will arrive tomorrow, Elder LeCompt, is from Texas, I think.
Okay, that´s it for today. Bye-bye! I love you all, have a great week, especially you, tober tobers Toby!
Love Elder Williams

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