Monday, October 15, 2012

Week Forty Three - On My Journey to Belem!


      Tudo bem? que bom! Well my week was pretty interesting. Tuesday, a man died in the neighboring backyard of a member´s house, at 3 a.m. We went there to have lunch with him and he told us a little about what happened. Apperantly he was shot, and tried to run through some backyards to get away, and ended up dying in the neighbors backyard. I didn´t see a whole lot, just his face planted in the sand, which is a sad sight... anyways, I won´t dwell on it. There was a small farewell on friday for Jean, who leaves for his mission on wednesday to Paraiba I think its called. He´s really cool. He plays basketball with us a lot, including today, and he speaks English! He says he wants to live in Delaware, in the USA and he doesn´t feel much like a brazilian, which is kind of funny. At his farewell, his mom and older sister both said a little something and ended up crying, which reminded me of the day I left for the MTC, which is already sooo long ago! So yeah, that was a nice little spiritual experience.
     We didn´t have a baptism this week which is unfortunate because it ends the 42 straight weeks of baptism here in the Vila, but that´s honestly not that important to me. But how was General Conference!? Was that cool or what? That news from President Monson was cool. It was just as exciting as receiving Blizzcon news! (wow). I really liked President Uchtdorf´s talk about regrets and all that, I`m hoping I don´t end up having much more in this life, and Elder Holland´s talk and his little interpretation of how the discussion between Christ and Peter might´ve went, a little after deciding to be fishermen again (after Christ´s deat hand resurrection). There were some reeeeaaally good talks this time. If you didn´t watch it you missed out! BIG TIME! But anyways, today Elder Mendonça and I are going to visit one of his past areas, since this week is his last, and he´s probably going to buy some stuff in Ver-o-Peso to take home with him. It´s kind of strange being companions with someone that is going home. This next week might not be very productive...
                But HEY! HAPPY BIRTHDAY EM!!!! Pai d´egua! 24 years old.... What more can I say? Oh, your letter is coming! Just be patient! I´m glad to hear you are still serving the missionsaries! Is it different missionaries every time, maybe one new one to the area and one old one, maybe both new, or maye the same ones from last time? And it´s cool that David talking with them and maybe getting some practice. If you ever have to explain polygamy, use Jacob 2:24-30 with emphasis on verse 30. Anyways... Glad to hear G-ma Pratt is melhorando (improving). Relax Grandma!
Are those houses in the picture you took in your new area or if not, where are they? I think they are houses on the banks of the river, on my journey to Belém.

Where were you going on that boat in the picture you sent? That is a picture of me, on my journey to Belém

Cindy and Andy are wondering if you got any letters from them, yet? Yes, I did get a letter from them, on my journey to Belém, thank you soooo much! It was very nice to hear from them.

Any packages this week and if so, who from? On my journey to Belém, I received a package from G&G Pratt, on my journey to Belém.... Thank you so much, the goodies were excellent! Fantastico!

Dad wants to know what kind of garments you want us to send you and the size.  Do you like the mesh ones?  Are they better in the heat? I don´t like the mesh kind much and the nylon (I think I am using) is doing well. The size.... your guess is as good as mine... on my journey to Belém.

Anyways, I forgot the cord to plug the camera into the computer today, so no pics. But I still love you and wish the best for alls y´alls lá em casa. Have a great week. Have a super awesome 24th EM! Have a belo tranquilo day at the park Toby! And that´s all!

Love Elder Williams!

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