Thursday, November 21, 2013

Week One Hundred One - Last Email Home!!

Tom in front of a beautiful waterfall!
Baptism of Dafne and Paula.

Barefoot Tom!

Good morning!

             Hey, rapidão, I know it´s Tuesday. Yesterday the Internet was down the whole day in the entire city so we weren´t able to send e-mail. But they gave us a little time to do it now. Just wanted to say that....  I´m extremely grateful for being able to serve a full time mission here in Brazil. When I left, my desire to serve was not strong. And to actually have the desire to serve did not come quickly here in the mish. But it came, and I´m so glad that it did. I´m grateful to know Brazilians because they are so outgoing and fun, it´s exactly what i needed. I´m grateful for all the love and worrying that everyone at home showed me and here in the mish too. The mish was the best thing that ever happened to me and I think I´m telling the truth when I say that it was the best 2 years. I know the gospel is true and changes the lives of everyone who tries to live it, and I´m grateful for the changes that I saw in everyone who accepted my companion and I in their house to be able to share this gospel, and also for the changes that occurred in me.
       About my week, it was good. We had 2 more baptisms, 2 girls, Paula and Dafne, which are related to Neto, the boy who was baptized last week. We´ve been teaching a lot, and have some peeps that went to church and liked it a lot. I´m hoping to have one more baptism this week on Friday, maybe a little before getting the boat to Santarém. And yesterday we, with some members, went to a waterfall, which was super cool! I´ll show some pics!
What time does your flight get in on Sunday?  Do you think we could come to the airport to meet you? I think it gets there around 5 or 5:30, and yeah I think you can come get me.

Other than your ipod, Tom's, shorts and tee shirts, can you think of anything else you want me to bring?  David had been using your ipod, but I loaded it up with all of your Rise Against music at least. Nope.

Do you think you'll be able to leave any of your stuff at the mission home while we travel around? I think I can.

Any treats you want me to bring you?..... nope, tudo bem.

Is your hair getting kind of long?  Looked like it in those last pictures you sent - but I like it! yup, I haven´t cut it in about 3months now, and I don´t think I will ever cut it again!

Pics The baptism of Dafne and Paula, and me in front of the waterfall.

But that´s all. I love you all and I´m super anxious and excited to be able to see you just a few days from now. I loved the car dad, I accept it, it´s perfect, muito obrigado. I´ll see ya´ll later! Tchau

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