Monday, November 4, 2013

Week Ninety Nine - Getting Down to the Wire!


Tom's apartment!

The kitchen!

The closet!

Good morning family!

             And so it begins! My last month in the mish. I don´t think it has hit me yet that I´m so close to being done. At the end of every transfer, there has always been one more transfer, but we are already half way through the last one ever and just about 22 days from now I will be able to see you. eggggguuuuuuaaaaa...... My week here was pretty good. We´ve been trying to find new peeps to teach. Some received us very well and were very kind, and I have very high hopes for them, others were just kind of meh..... bleh..... see ya later...  We´re teaching the daughter of a less actively family that is returning to the church and this week she will be baptized along with 2 other rapazinhos (I hope). This week we heard a lot about how the church began here in Oriximiná. It´s quite interesting, the church grew extremely quickly here and at a time even had 2 branches with 3 missionary duplas, so it makes sense that a lot of people have already heard of the church here.
       My companion is still pretty quiet, but at least it gives me more opportunities to speak, which I´m liking. I´m thinking now that if I would´ve worked just a little bit harder and put a little more effort into it, I could´ve trained a newbie here in the mish (I think almost any Brazilian newbie would speak more than he does), but he´s learning to converse a little more every day, and I don´t have a right to complain because I used to be just like him. Being that I´m at the end of my mish I´m in need of some hands to push me but he´s doing that a little and also my district leader is helping out. Com certeza, vou terminar a missão trabalhando!
Did you ever hear back from the Mission President of office about when you will go back to Belem?I received an e-mail today with details of my plane ticket (or maybe it´s actually the ticket) and it appears that I will return to Belém on the 24th, which is Sunday. So I´m probably going to get a boat to Santarém on the 22nd, which is Friday, because there are no boats on Saturdays. But I guess I won´t be able to get you guys at the airport. I´m so sorry for your loss.....

Did you do anything on Halloween?  Any parties at church or anything? NOPE! NOTHING! I heard a woman say that some reverend or whatever they´re called of some church said that our church is a cult because we participate in /on Halloween, which is something that I think everyone does regardless of religion in the states, I´m pretty sure, seu burro pastor!

I think I told you that Elder Hoch's parents are coming on the same flights we are.  He is in Santarem, right now, so they are trying to figure out if they need to go to Santarem or Belem.  Have you heard if all of the leaving missionaries go back into Belem to the mission home? All missionaries return to Belém before going home.

Is your companion any more talkative since you have been around him this past week or is he still really quiet? eh, more or less.

You asked for it so you got it! PICS OF THE PLACE! and a pic of óbidos, the city I worked in for 2 days waiting for my new companion.

But that´s all. I lvoe you all and miss you and am so excited to be able to seesyas soon! Have a great week. Tchau Tchau!

Love Elder R. Williams

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