Monday, November 11, 2013

Week One Hundred - Second to Last Email Home!!!

Tom going to the river!

Tom and his district!

The boys having some pizza! 

Baptisms of Julia and Neto!

Bom Dia minha família!

       I hope all is well, and that no one is too anxious for me to return. It´s just tom.... a pessoa mais sem graça do mundo.... But... about my week, it was quite good. Our district leader from Obidos, E. Guedes came over with his companion E. Nores. I worked one day with E. Guedes and the other day with E. Nores, which was nice because.... my companion bugs me a little bit. But we worked hard. E. Guedes is really cool. He´s from Orem, but he´s a Brazilian, because both parents are Brazilians, he´s got about a year out in the mish, he works really well and invites everyone he talks to to be baptized. E. Nores, I think I´ve already talked about him. He´s from Peru, he has learned Portuguese well until now, and he speaks even more than my Brazilian companion with 9 months in the field. So the 2 days with them were great. Saturday we had 2 baptisms. 2 youngsters, Julia who is 10 and is the daughter of a less active member that´s returning to the church, and Neto who is 11 and his 2 best friends are members, so we took the opportunity to benefit from that. And his little sister, cousin and a little neighbor girl also said they want to be baptized so next week.... more baptisms! (for the primary! wooooh!). Sunday was a good day. We took a youngster to church with us, Jonai, he´s 16, and he´s preparing to be baptized on the 23rd. And a woman visited the church too, Luciene. I called her about 10 times in the morning to see if she was going to go, but nada. And as we were entering the church, I called again, she attended and said she was already getting ready. 15 minutes later, she arrived wooohoo! It´s always nice to have peeps at church. They both liked the church and said they´d go again next week, so I´m happy bout that. Unfortunately, their baptisms (if they arrive until that point) will be complicated, because on the 24th, Sunday, I get my plane, but I have to leave on the 22nd because Saturday doesn´t have boats to Santarém at night. Jonai could be baptized Saturday afternoon maybe, or a little before getting my boat to Santarém, but Luciene works every day except Sunday from morning until night, que sorte. I really want to baptize in my last week of the mish, seria ótimo!
     But the week was good, I learned a bunch with my district leader, it was fun, we ate pizza and had some ice cream, 2 BAPTISMS! .... o que mais posso dizer?...... EGUA! only one more Sunday here in Brazil, tu é doido! And one more p-day! NOSSA! O fim chegou, mas não é o fim de verdade, só o fim do começo! (the mish secretery sent this message to all of us who are ending the mish this month - The end came, but the end is not really, just the end of the beginning!).
Have you been e-mailing your brother?  Has he been e-mailing you? I e-mailed him last week, but he hasn´t said anything back yet.

Do you remember a girl in Santarem named Carla?  She is on facebook and I am friends with her.  She told me that when we come to Santarem, she wants to take us to the Brazilian Caribbean, which is Altar Do Chao. Yup, how could I forget?

Do you have to go to any more zone meetings in the next couple of weeks before you are done? I will only have one more district meeting with the Elderes from Obidos, in obidos, but that´s it.

How are your new boots working out? When my companion arrived he said he had some shoes that he didn´t like much and said I could use them, so the boots já era!

Pics! Julia´s and Neto´s baptisms. Pizza with the district! Our first district meeting together in Obidos and... me going to the river to show E. Nores (the peruano) that it is better than Obidos.

But that´s all. Have a great week. I love you all. Get excited! you´ll only receive one more e-mail and then you can see me in person wooooooohhh! I love you all... again.!   Tchau!

Elder R. Williams

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