Thursday, November 21, 2013

Week Twenty Seven - Getting Ready for Winter!

Lakewood Spanish Elders with the ward mission leader, Brother Todd on transfer day!

Elder Crockett and Elder Williams saying goodbye....

David gets a generous gift from Jess to get him ready for winter!

David and his third companion in Texas, Elder Haskell!

Buenos dias mis amigos! 

  Another week down here in Dallas, and let me tell you, it was a quick one!  Sounds like a pretty eventful week for y'all back home!  I'm diggin the ride, pops!  Dad looks younger than ever standing next to the beautiful machine!  What color you gonna paint it?  You should paint a Texas flag on the hood... not!  That would be a horrible idea.  After 6 months in Texas, I still have a hard time seeing where the "Texas Pride" comes from.  What is there to be proud of here?  I mean, it's not a bad place, but it certainly makes me miss Utah!  All you Texans out there, please don't be offended.  Ha!  Just my personal opinion.  I'm a Utard and proud of it! 
I will pray for your safety in your trip to Brazil.  Take lots of pictures!  In a few weeks I want an envelope in the mail full of pictures!  I cannot imagine how anxious you two are!  You've raised a fine young man in that there Tommy Boy.  You should be proud.  Em, I'm glad I'm not the member of the family that will be missing out on the most epic family vacation ever!  We will make the padres make it up to us here in a couple of years ; )
   Elder Haskell and I had an alright week here in LakeWood.  It went by fast, but not too much success.  Lately, we have just felt like chickens running around with our heads cut off.  We have been doing far too much knocking that doesn't seem to be getting us anywhere.  We have very few investigators that are dependable, keeping commitments, and have desires to learn about the gospel.  In a sense, I still feel like I don't know how to be a missionary.  However, Ismael, the new member I told you about last week, is willing and motivated to help us out, so we are going to try to execute a few of his ideas coming up here soon.  But if any of y'all have any ideas or past experiences with activities that brought success, hit me up!   Luis has now come to church twice, but he just got a job last week so it has been hard to set something up with him.  He had to cancel on us three times this last week!  It is very frustrating, but hopefully he just needs to get settled in to the job and his schedule will be more regular from here on it.  The good thing is that at least he lets us know and tries to reschedule with us.  He is a different cat in a good way.  Very considerate, responsible, and dependable.  We are meeting with him tonight and I'm sure it will go well. 
   I went on an exchange this week with Elder Welker, and he has been out for 3 weeks.  My first time being companions with someone younger than me!  It was a good experience.  He was still in that deer-in-the-headlights stage, so it was all on me!  We taught a few lessons, and he told me I teach well and I taught him more in 24 hours than his trainer had taught him in 3 weeks.  BooYa baby!  I may be getting a hang of this mission thing after all!  But after a day with Elder Welker, it definitely made me thankful for the companion I have right now!  Elder Haskell is a lot of fun.  He is definitely the best friend I have made on the mission so far.  He tries to pick fights with me all the time, but I always win.  Real humble dude though.  Ha! 
   So the highlight of this week was a man by the name of Jess Johnson.  He delivers Bibles to the place where we do service.  Elder Crockett and I met him months ago, and he gave us his card and told us to call him to go get a burger with him sometime.  We never did.  Two weeks ago, we met him again at service, and he extended the offer once more.  I couldn't turn down free food twice, so we went to a super nice restaurant on Tuesday and he made sure we left full!  He is a very interesting guy.  He served in Vietnam.  He is incredibly smart, successful, and wealthy.  He is one of those "all you need is a belief in Jesus Christ" guys.  And he does have an extremely firm faith in our Savior.  I think he is too smart, if you know what I mean, to ever accept the Church and be baptized.  But he likes us, a lot.  He said he sees potential in us and knows how to make us millionaires...?  And he has given us what seems to me to be really good advice.  But something just seemed fishy to me.  During lunch he brought up many of those most "touchy" doctrinal subjects in our church, so it was obvious he has done research.  He reeeally wants to help us out.   He wants to help us so much that it's just strange.  He wants to eat with us weekly.  He wants to teach us how to smoke brisket?  He knows a lot of people and he said he is going to work out deals with people to get us free weekly meals at restaurants.?  He donates winter clothes to vets every year, and offered to take us to his storage unit on Saturday and help us get ready for winter..?  and then, he asked us to call him Uncle Jess?!  Super strange.  And now that I think about it, that probably sounds very creepy since you guys don't know him.  Haha!  So Elder Haskell and I both just had this eery feeling about him, but he called us Saturday, and we went to get some winter clothes!  Then he took us to Marshall's, and insisted that he buy us a new white shirt and some gloves.  I didn't know what to do, so I just let him serve me!  He told us not to thank him, but thank Christ.  So he is a super interesting guy.  At first, I was worried that he was going to expect something out of us, and I wanted to call Dad to get his opinion and advice on this guy!  But now I'm just starting to think that he is just a kind-hearted dude that likes to serve and give back.  He doesn't seem like a bad guy to know for the future.  He knows people all over the world, and he is constantly traveling, and he seems to have life figured out.  He even has a radio show!  He's gonna be in Hawaii for the next three weeks, and he told us he would bring us back a t shirt.  I don't know what to think about this guy.  Let me know if you think I am in danger haha I really don't feel like I am, but y'all are much more experienced and knowledgeable than I am.  But chances are that I will be moved by the time he gets back from Hawaii, and I'll never see him again anyway! 

-No crazy storms here, but it has been crazy weather lately!  Half the week it was super cold, really crisp air, and we had coats and gloves and earmuffs on and we were still cold!  But the last two days, it's been so hot we're sweating!  Peeps say it does that all winter long here. 
-No letters or packages that I can remember.  I look forward to hearing from Emmy! 
-Elder Haskell has T25, which is a video exercise program, so most mornings the English elders pick us up, we go to the church, and workout to these videos for 25 minutes.  Elder Haskell found some old preworkout that another missionary left in another apartment, and we took it for the first time this morning.  These T25 videos are just high intensity nonstop moving for 25 minutes straight, and normally we are so tired that we are only able to workout for about 10 of that haha!  The rest of the time we just wine and complain about how hard it is, how tired we are, and how out of shape we are.  But with this preworkout, Elder Haskell and I were pumped!  We worked out for the full 25 minutes and even jogged home to our apartment!  And now I feel fantastic!  Today I gained a testimony of the power of true exercise in the mornings as a missionary. 
-I'm still set on snack food.  I think I will survive til Christmas without a package.  I can't think of anything I really need right now.  Thanks though!

Holy Tolito this is a long one.  Sorry!  I'm just loving life right now, lots going on!   Thanks for letting me know about Savannah, and yes, please, keep me filled in if you can.  Pray for those missionaries and philipinos!  Safe travels to Brazil.  Give brother Tom my greetings, love, and felizidades!  I still love ya, still miss ya, still pray for y'all.  Until next time!  Not sure when exactly that will be, but it won't be long! 

con amor, Elder Williams

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