Sunday, July 20, 2014

Week Sixty One - Super Busy, Super Focused and Super Happy!

Another great week is in the books.  We were busy trying to contact all of the hermanas investigators that they handed over to us.  It was difficult and frustrating, but we have almost met them all.  Some are crazy, some look promising, and others are very fond of the hermanas and want nothing to do with us.  But, what can we do?!  Hopefully with time the Lord will bless us with opportunities to win their hearts.  We are feeling the pressure with so much to do.  It is overwhelming, but Elder Packham and I have faith that as we are diligent and do all we can in our power, the Lord will guide us in this work and make all things possible!  
   Saturday was a packed day with interviews and a wedding.  My interview with President Taylor was fairly short and simple.  He just asked me a few questions to get to know me.  At the end of the interview he said he wishes he had shoulders like mine.  I told him "maybe in the resurrection".  Just kidding, he said "maybe in the resurrection", but I wish I would have thought of that!  President Taylor is great.  He is a walking quad of scriptures.  He is incredibly reverent and spiritual.  I have already learned so much from him!  I've decided that probably all mission presidents are incredible people.  It just amazes me how many good, quality people there are in the world that are worthy and capable of leading a mission, or a stake, or a ward/branch, let alone the whole Church!  I have come to love and appreciate meeting converted, pure-hearted people in the Church.  I know the Lord puts them in my path to teach me.  I know that we all have a great and divine potential to reach, and the only way to reach it is through the restored gospel!   

-I feel goood! 
-I am just about to finish the Alive vitamins you sent me, but I still haven't touched the 150 gummies, so I think I am good. 
-the mission is running low on Spanish hermanas.  McKinney is one of the least dense hispanic areas where there are spanish missionaries, so they were just needed more in other areas.   
-the only thing that I don't have that I think would be nice is some good Spanish music.  Not a necessity, but it would be nice.    

Elder Packham and I are super busy, super focused, and super happy.  We are quite different from each other, but we have become good friends and all is well.  I feel grateful this day for everything.  I cannot even begin to name all the things I am grateful for.  I know that God lives and loves us and desires to bless us.  I can see that every day.  EVERYTHING ties back to obedience to what he expects of us.  I can see that every day as well.  I love to learn and to serve.  I love the Gospel and the Church.  The Church is just brilliant and I have no doubts that all aspects of it are guided by the wisest one of all.  


con amor, 
                      Elder Williams

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