Sunday, July 27, 2014

Week Sixty Two - In a Trio and Lots of Teaching!

​A super authentic Salvadorian restaurant we found with super yummy papusas!   

Howdy y'all!

   We had another great week here.  We are crazy busy right now and I love it!  We always have something to do, with people to visit and teach.  The days are coming and going like never before!
   The big news and big change for the week is that they sent another missionary here to McKinney to help us out with the work.  We are in a trio!  The other Elders in our district were Elder Patton(DL) and Elder Bowden.  Elder Bowden was sent home in the first week of the transfer for personal issues, and after a week in Garland, we talked the AP's into sending Elder Patton to McKinney to help us out.  I've always wanted to be in a trio!  And the best part about it is that Elder Patton is actually cool!  He has good Spanish.  He is from Roy, Utah and he played baseball in high school.  We have lots in common and the three of us all get along really well.  This is going to make my fifth transfer in one area, and third transfer with the same companion, so much easier!  
   Our branch president is President Garcia.  He is in his early 30's and quite successful.  He is very intelligent and professional and on top of things.  Like on top of things more than anyone I've ever met before.  He could be very good at making people feel stupid if he wanted to, but he is too loving so he doesn't.  However, even then he has made me feel pretty foolish more than once.  Sometimes he makes suggestions to us in a way that says "why haven't you thought of this before?' and then I'm like "duh!  why haven't I thought of that yet?" Now that there are no hermanas and three elders, he is expecting and asking a lot of us.  It is overwhelming and stressful, but it is good for us.  It is good to be stretched and pushed.  
   We have lots of investigators right now.  Almost too many to keep track of.  But out of those, I'd say only a few have real potential.  
-Manuel is an older man from El Salvador who lives with a few friends.  He has come to a baptism, a wedding, and church four times now.  Yesterday was the first time that we got him to stay for all three hours.  He is starting to get some friends in the branch, I got some participation out of him as I was teaching the gospel principles class, and he is coming along well.  
-Lizeth and Augustin are a young and unmarried couple with a baby boy.  Every member of Lizeth's family has been baptized into the Church within the last year, and she sincerely wants to be baptized as well.  All that is holding her back is marriage and commitment. Augustin comes from a super Catholic family.  He listens, but as of right now, has no intentions of getting baptized.  We got them to commit to going to court and getting married legally, and tomorrow we are going over there with Presidente Garcia to really get them to commit, and he can help them out with the process.  
-We are teaching an atheist right now named German.  He is 22 and sings professional opera.  This guy is the next Josh Groban!  German is very different from any other atheist that I have met.  He is a very deep and logical thinker with a surprisingly open mind.  He is very honest with us and told us that the chances of us converting him are very slim.  But I believe in miracles!  I believe in the power of the Book of Mormon and the Spirit of God.  So as long as he lets us come back, we aren't giving up on him.  His mom is very nice. She told us that she loves missionaries and thinks we are all almost perfect.  In her mind, the only thing that would make us more perfect is if we had coffee breath....yuck! 
   There are some crazy people out there, but these are just a few of the peeps that we are dealing with right now.

-I got the CD's super quick!  Wednesday.  They were exactly what I wanted!  Thank you!  I thought of another one you could send me if you can find it for cheap.  Marcela Gandara: Mas que un anhelo and/or El Mismo Cielo.  
-I am eating well, thank goodness!
-Elder Packham cooks eggs, but that is about it.  I really don't cook anything.
-Don't worry about gift cards.  I'm good!  And I'd rather just use my debit card wherever I want to if I ever need to.
-If grandma really wants to send me a package,  just some healthy and filling snacks will do.  I can't think of anything that I need right now though.  

It's good to hear from home!  All is more than well here and you do not need worry about me. Thank you for all the support and love! 
Have a great week and I love and miss everybody!  

Elder Williams   

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