Monday, July 28, 2014

Week Sixty Three - Calling 911 and Perspective!

This past week, our basement flooded because of sprinkler system problems.  It's happened before and I told David about it in my e-mail.  I also mentioned that I have just been reminding myself that my problems may seem frustrating, but they are not nearly as big as the problems that some people are dealing with, which gave me some perspective on the whole thing.  At least we are all well and nobody is injured or sick.  So, that's why he talks about perspective at the end of his e-mail.....

Happy Monday!  

We had another super busy, successful week.  We did member splits every night of this past week.  A few times we even had three members with us so we could split up and go three different directions and get much more done.  I've never put so much thought and effort into planning!  Organizing to meet with so many members and then coming up with plans for the night for three different companionships is not easy.  Elder Patton doesn't know the area or the members, so he can't help much.  And Elder Packham is just incredibly indecisive and doesn't like to make decisions, so he just kind of floats.  Sometimes I feel like my brain is going to explode, but I like it.  It feels good to have my brain busy and running so much.  All is going well!  
   We had five investigators at church yesterday, which was a huge blessing.  For the past month or so we have only had one, so that was nice.  We prayed extra hard for the Lord to bring investigators to church!  The chapel yesterday was the most full I had ever seen it for the Spanish branch.  Investigators, less actives, and new families that the stake president has invited to attend the Spanish branch.  We are growing! 
   For the first time in my life I had to call 911 this week!  I was with a youth member and we were driving down the street on the ghetto side of McKinney when we passed a woman kind of laying in/leaning up against the curb (not a normal position).  Her head was severely  bleeding.  And I mean SEVERELY.  I at first thought she had been shot in the head!  As we approached her, I could see that she didn't have a bullet in her head, but she had the biggest gash above her eye that I had ever seen in real life.  I'm talkin BIG and yucky!  She claimed she was just walking to fast in her boots and got dizzy and fell, but that was hard to buy.  Things were just not adding up.  She wanted us to walk her to her aunts house around the corner, and she did not want me to call the police, but I did.  Some professionals quickly showed up, and we were pretty much heroes!  Not really, but it was some excitement for the week.

-Papusas are basically a thick, fried, stuffed tortilla, or a thin and flat roll, with meat and cheese in them.  Super yummy!  
-This pass Monday we played volleyball with a bunch of missionaries, and it was super fun!  Basketball we play probably every three or four weeks, but I get tired quick.  Volleyball is nice because it is not so physically demanding.  This Thursday the branch is going to start a weekly soccer night, so if we get investigators there, we will probably go play.  
-I'm not even half way done with the journal I have right now, so I won't need another one for another two months at least.  
-One pair of shoes is getting pretty beat up.  I am thinking about getting a new pair for Sunday/meeting shoes, and then using the Sunday/meeting shoes that I have now for work shoes.  But that is only if I can some I like and for a real good deal.  But I'm surviving just fine with what I have now.  
-The trio will most likely be just for this transfer, so three more weeks!  

I'm sorry to hear about the flood.  I can't imagine how big of a hassle that is.  It makes me frustrated just to hear about it!  So I understand your frustration.  But I like your attitude and what you said about perspective.  President Taylor taught us something neat about perspective.  While Joseph Smith was in Liberty Jail, he wrote Doctrine and Covenants sections 121, 122, and 123.  If you read the first three verses in 121, and then jump to the last verse in 123, you can see an incredible change of perspective in Joseph Smith. Check it out!  President Taylor and leaders of the Church have talked about the importance of having an eternal perspective and the grand difference that that can make in our lives.  It's all in the perspective!  
Thanks for the email and the update.  Good to hear from everybody!  I hope y'all have a better week and enjoy life.  I love and miss everybody!  

Elder Williams   

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