Monday, October 6, 2014

The Prank!

David told us about a prank that the other companionship played on them in their apartment, but didn't give us any detail about what actually happened.  Here's the whole story as told by Elder Meads in his e-mail to his family....boys!!

We pranked the elders in our apartment bad! it ended in a 911 call hahahahahaha. 
So we bought these bathtub crayons and we drew this on the shower wall and put a knife with spaghetti sauce on it in the tub.. we left the front door wide open and moved the beds around in the bedroom! They were freaking out and were like we think someone is in here still... maybe they are in the shower.. we played a long and they were soooo scared and they opened the shower curtain super fast and they gasped and were OH MY GOSH!!!!! one of the elders were cussing they were so scared and mad! hahahahahahaha... elder Williams decided to call 911 and we were like no lets just call some other elders and see if it is a prank and they obviously had no idea about it and so elder Williams calls 911 and we were freaking out and were trying to tell him it was a joke and to hang up! but he wouldn't.. we had to yank the phone from his hands and hang up! they called right back and were trying to figure out what was going on and they came to the house to make sure everything was okay hahahaha.. we washed everything off the bathtub so they wouldnt think we were crazy and everything was all good.... I recorded the whole thing on a recorder i bought! oh too good!

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