Sunday, October 26, 2014

Week Seventy Four - Temple Visit and The Most Interesting Man in Garland!

Kassandra after her baptism!

The most interesting man in Garland!

Lance of the S.S.A. and David!

Just a couple of Elders in Garland!

Texas Sunset!

Dear Family and Friends,

    This week went quite well.  We had some good things happen!  The weather is almost perfect right now.  Some afternoons the sun is still a little too strong, but it is quite pleasant to be outside these days!  Here are a few things that happened this past week:
-On Tuesday, Elder Crockett came with me on an exchange, which I was hoping would be good experience for our companions, because neither one of them can really speak Spanish.  Elder Crockett and I have fun together.  He is really funny when he is happy, he is just hardly ever happy!  But the exchange was a success. 
-Friday we went to the temple with Angelica Huichapa and her daughter, DeeAna, who will be baptized in a couple of weeks.  We did a lap around the temple, then went inside to sit in the lobby.  Angelica was absolutely loving it.  She said she didn't want to leave!  I just love the temple.  Then, to make things even better, as we were leaving the temple, a rich member in his Audi pulled up to us and gave us 20 bucks for dinner.  What a miracle that was because we weren't going to have a dinner that night!  So the trip to the temple was edifying and successful!  
-Saturday we got to go back to McKinney for the baptism of Kassandra Ochoa.  Elder Packham and I found her back in May.  She showed up a half hour late to her baptism!  Unreal.  But she got baptized!  So that was neat to see!  After the baptism, Sister Holm had us over for lunch.  She is just too kind to us!  I don't know if there is anything she loves more than having the Elders at her house to eat.  
-Last night we met the most interesting man in Garland: Lance of the S.S.A (Secret Soldiers of America), some guy that has watched a few too many movies and done a lot of drugs I would imagine.  He told us we are in "GROUND ZERO" for Ebola.  He showed us a video of a UFO and claims that it only lasted 10 minutes on the internet before the government took it off.  So how he had it, I don't know.  He taught us how to take out our enemies with hammer - one hit to the ankle and they are done for.  We talked to him for about a half hour.  He was actually kind of scary!  The picture will explain...
-We have a couple of baptisms coming up in a couple of weeks, both young girls.  DeeAna, whose mom was baptized a few weeks ago, and then Ashley, who is 11 years old.  Her aunt and grandma are both active members in the Church and bring her to Church all the time.  Ashley has lots of energy and is super cute and funny.  At the end of every lesson, she has to turn whatever we taught into a game.  And she is actually pretty good and clever with it!  So she is lots of fun to teach, and she is super excited to get baptized!  

-I will put the art project in the mail today!
-The english elders we have been living with are being forced out this week.
-Training is hard, requires lots of patience, and wears me out!  But Elder Alkonis doesn't make it too hard on me.
-My new shoes are brown.  Goes better with my blue suit!  
-We hear a lot about Ebola.  Mostly jokes though.  However there was a scare at North Garland High School, which is where all the kids in my area go.  I never heard the full story, but I guess it was just a false alarm.  President and Sister Taylor say they are watching it like a hawk and we don't need to worry until they say something or move us.  So I'm not too worried!  

Thanks for the pics and the updates!  I am happy to hear that all is well and everybody is happy.  That was my week.  All is well!  Can't complain!  I appreciate all of the love and support!  I love and miss everybody!  Also, if you haven't sent off my package yet, I could use some cetaphil face lotion.  Thanks!  Bye!

Elder Williams

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