Monday, October 6, 2014

Week Seventy One - Staying in Garland and Excited for Conference!

Elder Alkonis, Angelica and David!

David being disappointed in his 'baby' breakfast burrito....

Greetings Family and Friends!  

   Elder Alkonis and I had our best week yet this past week in Garland!  We taught a lot, we had lots of support from the members, and we had another baptism!  Angelica H. was baptized on Saturday.  She is great, and more baptisms from her family should come soon.  Transfer calls have always come Saturday nights, but this weekend they were postponed until Sunday night, which threw everybody for a loop!  But all the anxiety and excitement was for nothing in the case of Elder Alkonis and I.  We are staying for another one together in Garland!  Not surprised, not excited, but not really disappointed either. Things are going well here, and I get to be outside on a bike during the most beautiful month of the year!  For Texas at least.  Elder Meads and Elder Truman got a change - Elder Meads is going to Plano to be a zone leader, and Elder Truman is getting Elder Walters as his companion.  I served around Elder Walters when I was in Lakewood.  He is a good kid.  Not sure if they are going to live with us again.  I'm hoping they don't, just because four missionaries in one apartment is a lot to handle and it has warn me out!  But at the same time, I'm not going to force them out of the apartment.  So we will just have to wait until tomorrow when Elder Walters gets here.  A member from an English ward took us out to lunch this week to a super nice sea food restaurant.  Aligator tenders, catfish, shrimp, and grits!  I wasn't a big fan of the grits, the catfish wasn't anything special, but the rest super duper yummy!  Some members are just too kind to us.     

GENERAL CONFERENCE WEEKEND!!!  I could not be more excited for Conference!  I hope and pray that everybody prepares themselves spiritually and does all that they can to get the most out of this super weekend!   A member in the branch yesterday shared a funny yet true story, but I didn't catch if it was a personal experience of his or someone he knew, or just a scenario, but I'm sure it happens - 
A member and a nonmember get talking about what they had going on for the upcoming weekend.  The member says that he is going to spend the weekend watching General Conference.  To no surprise, the nonmember has no idea what General Conference is, so it was the perfect missionary opportunity for this member to explain what it is!  He says something along these lines:  "General Conference is a worldwide conference from our Church that happens every six months, where we listen to the prophets and apostles that are God's modern day mouthpieces, and they tell us what God wants us to know in these latter days."  The nonmember was fascinated and said "how neat!  What is it that God told the world at the last conference?"  Now, put yourselves in that situation.  Would you know how to answer that question?  I don't know if I would be able to.  I watched all 10 hours of the last Conference and I enjoyed every minute of it and learned bunches.  For me, I noticed that many of the talks were about the importance of a strong and unshakable testimony in these latter days, and how we can deepen and strengthen our testimony so that we do not fall when tempted.  It makes sense, because the adversary is working harder than ever to pull us away from the Gospel and destroy our lives with the nasty things of the world.  From what I can remember, that is what the "theme" of Conference was for me, but I still don't know if that answers the question very well.  What did God tell the world at Conference?  It is an interesting way to look at Conference, and I would like to invite all those who read this to pay attention during Conference to be able to answer that question when it is over.  What will God tell us through General Conference this weekend?  I would love to hear some responses to that question next week!  

-I can't think of anything I desperately need you to send me right now, other than some garment tops.  The ones I have are getting warn out and a little itchy.  So you can send me what ever you can find in my room.  You shouldn't need to buy me any new ones.  Maybe a jump rope.  I should have one in my gym bag, but I have no idea where that is these days. Other than that, just some yummy treats, not pure candy, and whatever else you want to throw in there!
-The weather is still quite hot most days, low 90's, the sun is still strong but it does feel a little bit more fresh outside, some trees are changing, and we are starting to see a wee little hint of autumn in the air! 
-Biking isn't too bad, physically it is getting easy, I just cannot stand having to be so dependent on people.  That is the worst part about it, and I am not looking forward to another six weeks of that.     

-I will forward you some pictures and a summary of the prank in the eyes of Elder Meads, the brains behind the prank.  He kind of stretched the truth on a few things, but it will do.

-Dad, is Larry that guy that lives where we used the jackhammer to tear apart his back patio?  Happy to hear you are busy! There is nothing better than being busy!  
-Em, did you get my letter?
-Tom, are you in institute?  You should sign up for institute at UVU!  Try to get into Brother Knolton's class, he's hilarious!  I think that is his name, it's something like that at least. 
- Mother, next week I want to hear all about what you learned from our dear prophets and apostles  ; ) 

Thank you for the updates, I love to hear about what is going on at home!  I hope everything goes well for everyone this next week, and I want you to know that you are in my prayers!  
Cuidense y Dios les bendiga!  

Elder Williams

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