Sunday, January 4, 2015

Christmas Skype Call With David

Elder Keller and Elder Williams!

New companions - Elder Keller and Elder Williams!

Davey giving his mom the 'thumbs up' sign!

Elder Keller and David at Rosalba's house on Christmas Day for Skyping home!

Well, we finished our last missionary Skype call, ever, on Christmas day!  Whew!!  What a relief that is!  Don't get me's not that I don't absolutely love talking to my sons almost in person.  It is just extremely emotional to see them and to hear their voice when you are so used to just communicating with them through e-mails and letters.  We got to talk to David for about an hour and a half and he looked and sounded great!  He loves his new job and his new companion, Elder Keller.  He is looking forward to new challenges and new experiences.  I just couldn't be any more proud of this guy!  He has grown and matured in so many ways.  We are really looking forward to counting down the next four months to when he arrives back in Salt Lake City on April 29th!  Love this boy!!

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