Sunday, January 25, 2015

Week Eighty Seven - Visiting Lakewood And Learning Not To Judge!

The bike life in Garland! 

My sword of truth!

Howdy y'all!

What a great week we had!  We had lots of lessons, found some good people, and enjoyed ourselves in this great work.  We met with the stake president yesterday to report on the missionary efforts in the Dallas East Stake, and he is awesome!  He is so humble and loving and kind and aware of all those around him.  He is a real leader.  I love meeting good people! We did a couple of exchanges, and it was fun and interesting.  For one of those I went back to Lakewood with a super young missionary.  It was sort of nice to see some familiar scenes and faces, but it sure made me glad to be past that stage - young in the mission, clueless, and in Lakewood.  The other exchange was with a missionary that has a bit of a reputation through out the mission, and is difficult to get along with.  But I can survive 24 hours with just about anyone!  And we actually had a very successful, busy day.  I've learned on my mission that judging people is bad.  We should always take the time to get to know people, and look for the good in them before we make assumptions.  It's easy to love someone once you get to know them.  For the most part, people are great! The exchanges did, however, make me grateful for the companion that I do have now. Elder Keller is down to his last two weeks... and he's still been pretty easy on me.  He is a great example to me of enduring to the end.  He is funny and such a great missionary!  We work really well together. 

-I got the co2 detector and it is plugged in and working!  Thanks!
-the sweaters are nice.  I'm not much of a sweater guy, I just feel like it's too much to wear over a shirt and tie, and then it limits the access I have to my shirt pocket, which is very crucial as a missionary.  But, I do wear them from time to time.
-the last three days have been absolutely splendid!  65 degrees and sunny!  Not sure how long it's going to stay like that though.
-In my smoothies I put oj, greek yogurt, a mix of frozen fruit, spinach, and lost of all, celery.  The celery actually adds a very strong flavor, not good, not bad, but I need it!  

All is well.  I love you all and appreciate all that you do for me!  Do me a favor and have the best week of your life! 

Elder Williams   

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