Monday, June 18, 2012

Week Twenty Seven - Gripado :(

Tom and Elder Reis.

Tom and Elder Reis at a baptism.

Tom's first baptism with the Jonatas family.

Belem City.
Hello My Beloved Family and Friends,
       This week was pretty good, with a few not so good parts. We were going to have a baptism of a boy named Lucas, but his parents changed their mind so he won´t be baptized. His father says Catholics are right because they are one of the oldest churches and most of the other churches just branched from them, which is ridiculo. We tried to explain some things to him but he wouldn´t listen. A few of our investigators said they received an answer from God that this is the true church, but one of them decided not to follow it. She wants to be baptized in the same church as her parents, which is a little frustrating. But we are making progress with other people so all is well.
       Some interesting things this past week: I held a crocodile leg in my hands, at the house of a member. Unfortunately I didn´t have my camera with me. They said they eat it and I might get to try it some time. I also saw about 50 kids have a dance in the middle of the street. That was pretty cool. I learned more about the transfer this past week. Elder De la Cruz, Elder Hoch, Elder Kaufman and Elder Shaw are all training this transfer. Elder Fox and I are the only ones from our district that aren´t training, and I´m hoping that I don´t train until I´ve been here for a year. Training makes me nervous.... I also learned that 16 missionaries will leave during this transfer, which is a lot. The most my companion saw before this is 11. Some other news, I was a little gripado on Friday. I had a super runny nose, as if all the water in my body turned to snot, and by the end of the day the space between my nose and lips felt like it was 2 feet away from the sun. That stung reeeeaaally bad. I think gripado means malaria or dengue or something.... but probably not. I also kind of have a headache right now, so I don´t feel like saying much more.
       Anyways the pictures today: The first is the baptism of Sara with her family and Elder Reis and I, in my first area. Edler Reis baptized her. The second is of Jonatas and his family. He was the first person I baptized. The next one is just Elder Reis and I, and the last is the best view I had of the city.
       So it´s great to hear from you. I´m glad you enjoyed your little vacation to Jackson Hole. Happy Father´s Day, Dad. I hope it was still good without me. Happy B-DAY Rachel. Onze Anos!? Egua!Uau! Para-bens! Be sure to take some good pictures of the hike, Dad and David! Good luck in your Etsy Business Mom and Em!
Do they celebrate Father's Day in Brazil? My companion says yes but he doesn´t know when it is.

Did you get any packages this past week - the one I mailed with your new pants? nothing this past week.:/

Did you get the credit card I mailed? not yet.

Do you and your companion ever knock on doors or do you just go by referrals? we rarely do door approaches. Most of the times they fail,so my companion hates them.

Do you ever just talk to people on the street or on the buses? Most of the people that contact us in the street are crazy so my companion just says hello to eveyone, and I use the time on the bus to rest, so I don´t speak to anyone...
Anyways that was my week. Today I have to give a message during a Family Night meeting thingy, and tomorrow I have to give training during the district meeting. This is going to SUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUuuuuuuck..... Wish me luck. I love you all. Tchau!
Love Elder Williams

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