Monday, June 4, 2012

Week Twenty Five - Walk, Walk, Walk, Teach, Teach, Teach....

So excited that Tom finally sent some pictures from outside of the MTC!

*you hear something in the distance, slowly getting louder*
vroom vroom, chugga chugga, vrooooom, vroooooom, honk-honk! eeerrerrrrererrr!
It´s Elder Williams! Woah!
  Sorry my e-mail is so late. I hope everyone had a good week. Mine was pretty good. My allergies weren´t too bad this week. They didn´t bother me during the day but in the morning I´m usually sniffing. I think its because the fan is blowing in my face all night. Anyways, the rest of the week is kind of a blur. We had another baptism, which makes that 3 in a row, so that´s cool, and I think we´ll have another one this week, maybe 2. My mind is just drawing a blank right now. All I do is walk, walk, walk, teach, teach, teach, and walk some more, so I can´t tell if that time that I walked a lot (every day) was this past week or the week before. I did receive the packages from Grandma Pratt and the Hootons, thank you very much for those. The drawing paper from grandma was unexpected, but cool. It´ll probably last the whole 2 years though, with the little amount of free time I have.
   Good News Everyone, I´ve invented... no I didn´t invent anything, but I will be 25% of the way done with my mission next week. We had a service project today, which is why I´m e-mailing so late, with a bunch of the other elders and 2 sisters of my zone, and one of the elders pointed out to me just how fast those 1st 6 months went by. He also said I´m going to have a hard time getting the language down completely if I don´t start talking more, which is challenging because thinking of things to say is not something I`m good at. My mind is either thinking of music or it is blank... also my companion talks a lot, so I don´t have room to say something anyways. But yeah, that was my week.
        My response to your e-mail is coming in 3-2-1.... now!
Thanks for updating me on the money I´m still making. Congratulations Em and David! Schools out for EVER!!! The pictures are great, but kind of make me wish I was there. I hope you didn´t miss me too much at your special events. I know how much better I make everything but I´m in Brazil now, I can´t make it, sorry :/ But I´ll be sure to remember what Bruce Bastian said. Stop pushing me to work for you Dad! lemme do what I want! No, I won´t join the army when I finish my mission! What do you mean why? Ugh! I don´t have time for this *slams door*.... okay then.
Do you have to take pills for Malaria?  Are there mosquitoes where you are at? nope, I have not received any pills against malaria, but mosquitoes are everywhere. My companion has one of those electric tennis rackets, which are fun to use.

Any packages or letters show up this past week? read above

Em wants you to send a picture from the area you are in right now! NO!!!

Have you been taking the vitamins I sent you? YEAH!

Have you eaten mangoes?  Everyone says the mangoes down there are wonderful! I can´t remember, sorry.
        Pictures this week. Me and president and sister Campos. This month is their last. From what I hear, he was an excellent president. Before he arrived the church was growing very slowly hear, but the success of the mission skyrocketed after. The rest are of the house of my first area. I was going to send more but my companion is using my camera right now. He doesn´t have one so when he wants a picture he has to use mine.
Okay, that´s all for this week. I love you all and miss you, can´t wait to talk again. And you were right mom, this week went by really fast. Hopefully they just get faster, and faster, and faster, and faster, and faster, and faster, and faster.... and faster. Okay! Tchau Tchau!
Julio, Tom and Elder Reis, Tom's first companion in the field.

Tom's first kitchen in Belem.

Tom's first apartment in Belem.

Tom's first apartment in Belem with the skinny hallway.

Tom's first desk at his apartment in Belem.

Tom's bedroom at his first apartment in Belem.

Tom and President Campos and Sister Campos.
Love Elder Williams
and faster, and faster, and faster, and faster

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  1. Em wants you to send pics of the area you are in now...NO! I guess that means we won't see any for a while :) Cracked me up!