Monday, June 11, 2012

Week Twenty Six - Two Elder Williams!

Boooooooommmmm Diiiiiiiiiaaaaaaaaaah! Hello, minha familia! I´m glad to hear that everyone´s week was good, even if it was a little boring. My week was pretty darn good, maybe even great! and some pretty interesting things happened too. Something interesting, something interesting... hmmm... ah! There´s a bus route here that they decided to cancel, so some people protested by setting a bunch of tires on fire in the middle of the road. That was a pretty cool sight. But I guess the protest worked because the bus is back, hehe. 

I also received letters from the Finlandsons, the Frandsens, G&G Pratt, and Sister Petersen, which is super cool, so thank you very much for those. President Campos gave a little talk at a meeting, which was pretty good from what I understood... if I paid attention. But we have 2 Elder Williams in the Brazil Belém Mission. The other is just Elder Williams because he has more time in the mission field, and I´m Elder R. (eh-he/r in Portuguese)Williams. Anyways, president Campos told me that some of my mail was sent to him, and I think he´s in one of the areas that require a 10 hour boat ride to get there,some some letters will probably be a little late getting to me. We also had 2oooo, count it, 2 baptisms this week! It was the first baptism that I lead, which was cool. After the baptism, I tried to thank everyone for coming by saying "Obrigado por vindo" (Thanks for coming, literally) but I don´t think that makes sense in portuguese so I kinda said it like "Obrigado por.... vindo...." and I whispered it, haha! FUNNY! One baptism was of a woman named Leila, who is a little bit bigger than the baptismal clothing can fit so we had to delay the baptism for an hour while we waited for someone to bring bigger clothes, hehe! And the other of a 16 year old girl named Carla. The baptism of Leila is cool and all, but the baptism of Carla feels like such an accomplishment. Elder Inácio said that he has been teaching her for 3 month with his other companions. So, this week was pretty darn good. We also watched a little of the dedication of the Minaus Temple, which was cool, but the part where everyone waves the white cloth was a little weird to me. Anyways, good week! 

I also learned about the next transfer, which is tomorrow. I will be transferred to Castanheira...oh wait I´m already in Castanheira, never mind. But my companion will be transferred to Castanheira... but he´s already there too... never mind no one is transferred this week. But that was just about the fastest transfer ever, of the 3 transfers that i´ve been in the mission field. And now the bad news.... I forgot the cord that connects my camera to the computer, so no pictures this week. Sorry :/ I do need to send some photo´s to the mission office later today, because I forgot the cord, so I will return to the cyber today, and maybe I can sneak some pictures home super quick. We will see. Again, sorry! :( 

So, in response to your e-mail: Have fun in Jackson Hole Mom and Dad! I´m glad you liked my letters and it made you cry. That will be my intent EVERY TIME! so EXPECT IT!!!... hehe. Interesting stuff about the packages. Don´t worry about the money but the fact that you can´t send beef jerky.... *sniff**sniff* upsets me greatly...hold me? okay now tickle my back... Anyways, enjoy your last summer David, I hope you get the job Em. BOA SORTE!!!! 

What did you do for your service project that made you late in e-mailing us last week? I sanded a wall, and painted it white... 

Do you keep a fan blowing on you all night to keep the bugs away? Yes. I´ve been having difficulty sleeping. I keep the fan blowing by my feet but every night I switch the side of the bed I put my head on while i´m sleeping and my bed sheets get messed up every time. There was one night I had a dream that a spider was in my bed so I stood up and started shaking my bedsheets while standing on one foot. I think I did it twice. HAHA! 

Do you use the bug spray I sent with you? yeah, i had to buy more, but the bugs don´t bother me too much as long as I use the fan. Elder Kaufman gets bugged so much by the mosquitoes, it almost looks like he has leprosy on his hands. 

Have you gotten the last package I sent with the wart medication? no 

How's your toenail? The one that was bothering you a while back? I think it´s okay for now. 

Does everyone in Brazil have TV's like we do here and are movies big there, too? yeah, but they don´t have movie theaters, so they sell a bunch of movies on the street. They are already selling movies that were in the movie theater last month. interesting. 

Anyways that's my e-mail, gotta go now. I love you all, hope you enjoy this week. Stay safe and I will talk to you again next Monday. 

Tchau! Love, Elder Williams!

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