Sunday, May 26, 2013

David's Bucket List

Before going on his mission, David had a few things he wanted to do - primarily - go have some fun and maybe do some things he had never done before!  From the day he got out of school until the day he left for the MTC, he packed in a fair number of, what I would call, adventures - that's my boy!  David has always been a thrill seeker and has never shied away from anything that could lead to potential fun.  So, this post is to document just a couple of adventures David had while we were in Mexico.  Besides these, he made great use of his time before his mission by doing a lot of spending time with good friends, rock climbing (indoors with Jen) and also took in a few good movies for the last time for two whole years!  David loves to do anything physical and anything that involves friends.  I am glad he got to have some fun before getting down to some serious work for a long, long time!

David and Dave spent about a half day on a snorkeling excursion in Banderas Bay, which is the bay the Puerto Vallarta sits on.  There's a huge old hunk of rock that sits in the middle of the water and it's almost like an island.  They went out on a boat with a bunch of other people and got to snorkel around this big rock. They had a great time and even saw a mamma whale and her calf surface a few times, fairly close.  The next day, we went up into the Sierra Madres on a zip line excursion.  There were eleven different zip lines that criss-crossed a canyon and were very high off the ground.  Our zip line guides were very nice and really funny, which made the whole experience very enjoyable.  They even let David hang upside down on one zip line, with one of the guides going with him.  It was a lot of fun and just something you don't get to do everyday.  I am glad he got to do this before he left - it will be a great memory for us!

David, snorkeling in Banderas Bay!

The big rock with a hole in the middle.

David..... looking happy!

David zip-lining across a canyon in the Sierra Madres.

Had to try it upside down, of course!
And Dave tried it, too!

Across the river!

David on a burro getting back up the mountain.  

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