Friday, May 31, 2013

Week Two - Singing Hymns (3!!!) and Livin' it Up in the MTC!

        Only week two in the MTC, but I get the feeling that David is completely in his element!  He still sounds so excited about it all and very happy.  I know that he is soaking it all in and appreciating every moment.  He has seen how fast it all flies by, watching Tom these past eighteen months.  The thing that struck me, after getting this letter and after seeing a few of the e-mails exchanged between Tom and David, is how these missions may be bringing my two sons back together and closer than they have been in a lot of years.  When they were small, they were best friends.  Then, the teenage years separated them by different interests and outlooks on things.  It has been hard to watch all of these years.  But, now they are communicating, helping each other and showing an amazing amount of love and respect for each other.  It really warms my heart to watch it all happen!  Who knew?!
Hola Familia!
I have been looking forward to this hour all week and I love to hear from you!  I have been getting your dearelders, it's nice to get something to read every night.  but don't feel obligated to send one every night haha I get some from other peeops as well.  Em!  I got your dearelder, it was muy commico, made me chuckle!  Send me another one telling me about Oregon!  Mom, thanks for sending me tom's email through dearelder, I think that is a good idea and it will help me to read his emails every week!  It is good to hear from a veteran.  We email, just little short ones, but he is a spiritual giant and I think I can learn a lot from him.  He shows me I've got a long way to go and he is a great example to me! 
          Sounds like Landon's farewell was great, not surprised.  He comes in next week!   I can't wait!  I got a letter from him last night, along with one from elder Heldt, and I've been working on a good letter for LL for quite sometime now.  I see Elder Orgill pretty much every meal and we talk all the time.  He is the only one i see regularly.  But I do see a few others from time to time.  I eat with my zone, my district in particular, bc I love them!  But it is not required to eat with them.  Elder Adams and I cry from laughing so hard probably at least once a do.  We have too good of a time sometimes, and it might get in the way of us doing our job a little bit, but it is good to have someone that can lighten the mood when necessary.  I get along great with my companion.  He is so humble and willing to help me with the language and he is constantly teaching me things.  I could not complain one bit about him.   
       I don't know what to tell you about this week.  It is all becoming very repetitive, all the days run together, I can't remember what happened when!  and I forget a lot of things.  But I will tell you about the devotionals.  Every Sunday and Tuesday night we have a Fireside/Devotional for the whole mtc.  Sunday firesides are usually light with a funny speaker.  they don't really get deep into any doctrinal stuff, but they motivate us, give us advice, and make us laugh.  Which is exactly what we need after a long week!  Tuesday devotionals are when the big time speakers come, usually from the 70, but every once in a while an apostle will come.  And i heard that Apostles usually come in June bc that is when the new mission presidents come here to be trained.  So i am keeping my fingers crossed for next week!  But so far we have heard from Elder Zwick and Elder Nash for Tues devotionals.  Those guys are brilliant, dig deep into the doctrine and teach us things we  couldn't learn any where else.  But, my most favorite part about these meetings is the singing.  The first thing we do once everyone is seated is sing 3 hymns!  3!!!  And they are good hymns too, hymns with some oomph and pzazz.  It is so powerful when the entire mtc sings and it brings a strong spirit to the meetings.  Then we usually sing three more throughout the meeting.  I love it! 
       Spanish is coming along.  I can pray in Spanish!  And with the help of one of my teachers, I realized that if I just take some time to think about what I want to say in Spanish, and have faith that what I am going to say is correct, it usually is.  It isn't pretty, it is very broken, but it's enough to get across what I want to say.  If I do this rather than taking the easy way out by having Elder Powell tell the investigator what I am thinking, the lessons go quite alright.  A principle that I learned last night, if we just do the best we can possible do, the Lord will make up for the rest.  So I just say what I can and pray that the spirit will tell them things that I can't.  I still get muy muy frustrated though!  It seems like my teachers are already speaking at 100 mph, and I understand very little haha!  But it is only getting easier, and I love it more and more every day.
       We don't exercise much, 50 min a day, but I usually don't do much cuz I don't want to get sweaty and have to shower.  We played basketball the first day, but haven't since then.  We usually play 4square bc that isn't too demanding.  But we have played softball and kickball, every once in a while we go to the weight room.  But there are "mtc recess duties" everywhere to keep games from getting too intense.  What we can do is so limited here as far as exercise goes.  They treat us like first graders at recess.  But I am fine with it, and if that is the way the Lord wants it, than I will obey. 
      I got the camera, I am going to try to attach a few pics, but idk how haha so I'll try to figure it out.  Because I have so little time, please try to let people know that I will do my best to write them back, but it might take a while!  I hope I answered all your q's and filled you in on my life enough! 
Also, Tom sent me a story, I want to print it off but I don't think I can do that here.  So I am going to try to send it to you, and I would appreciate it if you could send it to me in a dearelder or something, Thanks! 
Love and miss you all, I pray for you to know that every night.  Life is good!  I am muy muy feliz and doing all I can to live it up!   Hasta proxima semana!!!!(until next week) hehehe

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