Monday, June 3, 2013

Week Seventy Seven - More Illness

Hello again, one more time, minha família.

         My week was not so good unfortunately.... I got sick again, and I`m finally feeling better today, but I´m not up to 100% yet. My companion also got a little sick this week, so we lost some working time trying to recuperate at home. So the week was meh.... don´t have much to say about it other than that I was sick.... We had interviews with President Scisci on Saturday, which went okay. It seems like Pres. Scisci is a little worried about me. He talked a little about being enthused and having a good attitude while working, doing all things joyfully. He asked me how I´m doing as DL... anyways. The week didn´t go far... 
      But anyways, thanks for sending preach my gospel books in Portuguese to my district. I hope they are preach my gospel mini books and not the normal ones... and I hope you don´t get a surprise... price tag(?) a little later... I think bill is the word I wanted... maybe... I`m forgetting English. I want to say congratulations to Topher for graduation high school! Holy smokes that´s a little weird to me, but holy smokes he´s going on a mission which is even weirder.... and holy smokes he´ll serve in Chile. Good luck learning Spanish! (I don´t think you´ll need it.)

Did you get any packages or letters this past week?  If so, from who? no but I heard some letters arrived that I will get tomorrow, I think.

How are your new glasses working out?  Are you getting used to them? yup, they are bacana.
Do you or your companion ever cook anything in your apartment?  Do you have a stove/oven? My companion usually cooks something with another Elder here, I usually don´t cook. I have too little time, and only know how to make eggs still.

Do you have a clothes washer where you are now? yes, we have one.

How are your shirts holding up?  Do you think you can make it the last six months with them? They´ll hold up until December, for sure.

The pictures aren´t loading, sorry. I´ll try again to take more pics of stuff this week.... But I love you all. Have a great week.

Love Elder R. Williams

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