Monday, June 24, 2013

Week Eighty - Festa Junina and A Good Week!

First lunch in Perola - looks good!

First baptism in Perola!

Elder Robertson as The Book of Morman and Festa Junina!

Kids dancing at Festa Junina!

Hello, one more time, to my family and yalls lá.

     I want to start off saying that my week went very well and I´m a happy camper right now. We found a lot of peeps  to teach, some are cool some not so much. We´re talking to lots of peeps on the streets, some accept, some reject. I´m liking the members a lot here. It seems like this next month, the ward might divide and it will probably be difficult for many of the members and the missionaries (that´s me!) working there, but we´ll see how it goes. On Friday, we had the Festa Junina which is like a party that has something to do with June, but I´m not sure what it is exactly, but it was very cool. I lot of the youth dressed up and danced for like 30 minutes straight, it seems like. Nossa! I think they were all dying of exhaustion after that one. But I got a little of it on video, and a few pictures, just that I got it on my companion´s camera and I´m trying to open his camera on the computer but I´m not getting it to open.... Opa it´s working now, one minute please..... I will continue on while it´s downloading. The festa was bacana demais! The broadcast thingy yesterday was cool. I thought I was David there. I saw someone with similar hair but it descended a little more and I saw that he had glasses, so I don´t think it was him, and seeing the photo, I know it wasn´t but whatev. It seems like there is a greater preocupation(?) for the missionary work. Nossa! The second coming must be just around the corner! David´s gonna work hard with the member in Texas. We had a few people go to church. A family went that has been investigating the church for a while, já. They don´t have a testimony yet but like church a lot. They´re going to marry soon and we´ll be working hard for their baptism after. Another girl/woman ( Carla, she´s 23 years old but seems like a girl to me) went, she said she liked the church, and that it was very different (just about every single church here has one room, a bunch of benches, and generally one person talks for a few hours, sometimes he talks with music in the background, sometimes he screams, sometimes everyone bate palmas (claps their hands) and it´s pretty much like that in every church here, so the church of Jesus Christ must be very different. We taught her after church and she accepted being baptized 2 weeks from now, if she gains a testimony, but we arrived there and before saying anything about church in the next week she had already said that she´d go and will take her sisters (or at least one) with her. GOSTOU! (SHE LIKED!) But yeah that´s my week.
1. My first lunch in Pérola 2
2. My first baptism in Pérola 2 (Marcos)
3.Elder Robertson as the Book of Mormon at the Festa Junina
4. The costumes of the youth for their dance!

Did you get to see the missionary broadcast?yes

If you did, what did you think of it?it was cool but as usual I have difficulty paying attentin when it´s just in portuguese, but it was cool, like I said

Do you still eat at member's houses, everyday? only on p-day we don´t eat at a members.

How are your hands...any warts? I still have some warts, very small, not even worrying about it right now.

Are your shirts and pants holding up OK?  Need anything new? Nope I´m good

Did you get my last package with the beef jerky, yet? nope, the LZ still need to go to Belém and they only go in the beginning of the month.

Any packages or letters from anyone - if so, who? nope, read above.

But that´s all, I´m out of time. I love you all have a great week!

Elder R. williams

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