Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Week Three - I love being a missionary!!!!!!!

Elder Williams, Sister Henshaw & Elder Adams.

Elder Williams and Elder Powell at the Provo Temple.

Good friends!  Brayden and David!

Good friends!  Jake and David!

The Dallas District!

The Dallas District!

David showing us where he is going.....

David striking a pose.....

Good friends!  Cory, Hunter, Brayden David and Jake!

David tries out his new tie from Em!

It's pday it's pday it's pday!  and my favorite time of pday!!!
 I'm happy to hear all is well at home.  Toby is probably just having father-withdrawals.  give him some time to get used to me not being around.  haha!  jk, he is a strange one.  Yes, mother, i got the bike safety thingymajig.  Thanks, exactly what I needed.  I'll hold onto just for you!  Em is cooking!?  that's hilarious, but it's about time you grow up ; )  jk!  but it sounds like your having fun with it, good for you!  I got the talk from tom, thanks!  I got six dearelders one day and i was like holy smokes!  who could they all be from??  i was really excited, but turns out they were all continuations of that story hahaha!  Yes you can send me food.  My companion gets a package a day that is either chips and salsa or brownies or all sorts of stuffs!  but that would be too much for me.  I am well fed here, so the only thing i can think of that i really want is mints.  We aren't allowed to chew gum in public, and we are pretty much always in public, so you can send me some mints if ya want!  pero no necesito(but i don't need).  I'lll let you know if i think of something that sounds tasty!  although homemade cookies would be nice!  i just thought, you don't make homemade cookies too often, but i think i could find some comfort in my mommy's good ol' home-baking! 
Dad, haha I'm fine without my phone!  I've only reached into my pocket for my phone maybe twice, but it is not as big a problem as either you or myself thought.  I usually give it no thought.  but i do know some missionaries are having a hard time with phantom vibrations haha but not me!  my electric razor is nice i guess.  it's quicker and easier, but doesn't get as close.  but that's fine with my scruff.  I only shave once every three days, while my companion could probably use two a day!  I found out a lot about my companion this week.  He was the valedictorian of his class!  I never would have guessed.  He also worked 6 jobs last summer to pay for two semesters at byu and his mission!  very admirable guy.  He also took seminary very seriously, opposite of myself, so he knows tons of scriptures!  which helps us out a lot.  so yeah, he is one of THOSE kids.  haha jk.  but we are still doing great, learning to work as a team better and better all da time.
I love Elder Adams more and more all the time.  we are practically best friends.  He quotes that movie that the kid in HomeAlone watches all the time.  You know, "i'm gonna give you to the count of ten to get your dirty, rotten, yella keester off my property, before i pump your guts full of lead."  he has the whole thing memorized and imitates the voice perfectly.  idk why, but it never gets old hahaha!  he also quotes dumb and dumber a lot.  He is hilarious, and we have already made plans to be good friends when we get back and go to uvu and byu.  Everyone else in my district is good too, can't complain. 
There is a rumor going around that we are getting moved to byu housing next week.  Not looking forward to that, mostly because there is something BIG happening here at the mtc on the 23, the day before we leave.  We think President Monson is coming for the Tuesday devotional, and if we are at raintree we will only get to watch it on tv!  poop.  Oh well though, that is a big assumption.   
Today i have seen Elder Mccardell and Elder Olsen, no Lambert yet.  but Cory said he saw him so i know he is somewhere around here!  Cory is getting reassigned tonight.  he was supposed to be out of here last Sunday, but no visa, so now he is stuck here til the 24th like me!  Ostler and Hanks left yesterday.  I'm jealous.  as much as i love it here in the mtc, i am getting more and more anxious to get to Texas all the time!  I used to see Braden at every meal, but i haven't seen him the last few days.  I'm starting to get worried!  but i am sure he is fine, he seemed happy as clam last time i saw him! 
I have never been tired to the point that i l i t e r a l l y can not keep my eyes open.  until i entered the mtc.  I get so tired at least once a day, usually after lunch.  When Hermano Zuzunaga sees me with my eyes closed, he has me stand under the vent in the classroom, and it is muy muy frio!  (cold)  but it usually wakes me right up!
Hermano Z also acts as our investigator, Alan, who is someone that he met on his mission.  He has been a tough egg to crack!  He speaks muy rapido, shows absolutely no interest in what we have to say, and for the first four lessons we had with him we got no where!  But in our last lesson with him, we finally got through his wall.  We were just talking with him at first, going the same as the last lessons, but then i told elder Powell to share a scripture with him.  D&C 19:18-20.  while he was reading this, he broke down.  he started sobbing.   all along he knew it in his head, he just couldn't feel it in his heart, but we made him feel something!  that lesson i learned how powerful scriptures can be with the a little help from the spirit. 
I love being a missionary!!!!!!!  love and miss you like crazy.  the other day a memory of us going to pizzeria limone for dinner popped into my head out of the blue.  I miss that kind of stuff.  but all is well all is well!  hope i got everything, I've got 10 minutes left, i'm going to try to figure out how to send some pics! 
Elder D.C. Williams

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