Monday, June 10, 2013

Week Seventy Eight - Transferred!

I'm so glad that Tom is feeling better.  Got transferred, again, which I am not sure he sounds thrilled about.  He seems a little pre-occupied with problems.... hope it's nothing serious and that he has a good week coming up.  I sure miss this kid and can't wait to get him home!!

Zona Santerem!  Zone conference.....I think!

Where the two rivers converge and the water doesn't mix.

Tom and Elder Mendes!  

Hello Family,
      My week was okay. I´m not sick anymore, I just have a small cough but I´m good. We had a baptism. Rosangela decided to get baptized this week. She said she likes the church a lot and is very happy to be baptized. She didn´t understand much of what we said and had to be interviewed by the stake president for personal problems, but she lives really close to the church so I think she´ll stay active. This week we found some really good investigators that are keeping commitments and doing what we ask. Some already have testimonies of the church but getting them to go to church this week didn´t go right, but not much I can do about that now because I´m being transferred. My time in the Santarém Ward has ended. I will now serve in the Pérola ward, which is also within the city of Santarém, so I´m not being transferred very far. My companion is Elder L. Oliveira, another Brazilian. I already know him a little because I was his district leader. I think he´s from São Paulo but I´ll get to know him more this next week. I´m kind of sad to be transferred but it´s the 5th time so I´m kind of use to it. There´s a chance that I die here (as in this will be my last area of the mission), it´s a small chance but it´s there, and I kind of hope it is. My e-mail is short this week because... I need to resolve some problems and don´t feel like talking much more, but know that I´m okay and stop worrying about me.
Any packages or e-mails this week?  If so, who from?
Are you feeling better?
Are you getting excited to come home or are you starting to dread it - or are you even thinking about it?
I´m..... on the fence
Have you had to speak in church, lately?  If you did, how did it go?
Zona Santarém! Elder Mendes com Elder R. Williams! O encontro das aguas! (the encounter of the waters, where 2 rivers meet but the water doesn´t mix. It´s about the best I could do)

About coming here, I´m 90% sure that the day I leave home is the 26th of November and that the dinner with the president is the Sunday before (24th). Mais alguma informação? But that´s all for this week. Have a great week. I love you and miss you all. Stay safe and I´ll see you 4 transfers from now.

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