Sunday, June 23, 2013

Week Five - Last Week in the MTC - Anxious to Get to Texas!!

David at the big devotional, in the choir, the night before he leaves the MTC!

David and Spencer front row at the devotional!

Historic devotional for missionaries at the MTC!

Hola hola hola!
Sounds like everything is good at home!  After I finished emailing last week, I realized that I never really acknowledge anything you say.  Haha sorry about that!  I just panic about having time to tell you everything I want to tell you!  But I love hearing about everything that is going on at home, especially Toby!  It brings a smile to my face when I imagine you opening the basement door and seeing him jump around with excitement with his tail going crazy!  I miss my baby!  Also, that's funny about the missionaries coming over.  Only a great mom like you could think so quick on your feet like that!  I'm happy to hear that you are going to farewells and homecomings!  I know all is well at home, the Lord is looking out for all of us!  Also, grandma I got your cookies!  No one makes a snickerdoodle like you!  My fellow missionaries and I very much enjoyed all those treats!
I got a short email from Elder Baker today.  It was really neat to hear from him and know that he has been thinking about me.
HAPPY FATHER'S DAY PADRE!!!!!!!  I'm glad you got my letter, and I hope you had a muy grande y emocionado dia!!!!!  Love ya!
Yesterday morning we moved to YView. Packing was indeed a hassle, but I guess it was good to have a practice pack for the real deal on Monday.  There are parts about the west campus I really like, and there are parts that I am not to happy about.  But overall I'm pretty happy about it.  Elder Powell have a room to ourselves, and the other room in the apartment is Elder Clingo and Mickle.  They are the zone leaders, so Elder Powell and I can't get away with any funny business!  Hehe but they are cool!  We have a kitchen and a COUCH!  When we first got there I just laid on the couch for like an hour!  It's funny how many things I already miss.  And I am working on a funny picture, but I'm having a hard time with it!  But I'll get it to you next week!  So the residence is awesome, at Y View.  Across the street is RainTree, and that is where the cafeteria and classes are.  The classes are small and dark and ghetto, probably my least favorite part about the move.  But it's okay, I only spend 10 hours a day in there.  The temporary cafeteria is in the pool house.  Really small, and hardly no variety here.  Pero lo es todo bien!  I don't even care!  The room across the hall from us has 6 elders, 3 from our district and 3 others in our zone.  There ac doesn't work and it is literally 90 degrees in there.  So they slept in our apartment on the floor last night haha.
We got our travel plans on Friday!!!!!!!!!!  We meet at the travel desk at 4:30 Monday morning, and our flight leaves at 8:50, according to Elder Powell.  Our travel group consists of 24 missionaries, so I'm worried it is going to be difficult to call in the airport, but I honestly have no idea how it works, or what time exactly I will be calling.  But it will be in the morning.  One thing you might want to look into is sending me a go phone.  I heard lots of missionaries do that.  It's just a really cheap cell phone and you pay to have it activated for like 2 days, and then you throw it away.  If it's not too difficult and you could get it to me by Saturday, it might not be a bad way to go.  Elder Adams is doing that.  Then I won't have to wait in line and I would have mucho mas tiempo to talk to you!  But if not, I'm sure I could squeeze in a phone call to you with the pay phone.  It' up to you!  Also, I found out that we can have two suitcases, a backpack, and a carry on.  After packing up yesterday, I think another bag might be nice.  I was thinking a small, simple, black duffle bag or shoulder bag or sompin like that would work well.  I hate to be a burden, and I'm sure I could make it work with what I have, but if you need something to do this weekend, you could get me a carry on.  Whatever you think! 
I feel like I have been spending lots of money.  Not sure how much exactly, but it seems like a lot!  and I apologize!  most of what I spend money on is books, bc I need everything in English and Spanish!  but i have also had to get my suits and a couple ties dry cleaned this week.  Sorry, let me know if i need to cut back, I try to spend as little as possible!  I keep getting these emails every week saying that my card is a DEBIT not a CREDIT card, or something like that.  Makes me feel like I am doing something wrong!? : /
This Sunday I was chosen to give a talk in sacrament meeting.... in Spanish.  I was already prepared with a talk, so I pretty much just read it, pero yo estaba muy nervioso!  But I did it and it went well. 
Elder Watkins and Elder Olsen got here last Wednesday.  I got pics with both of them!  I'll send home if I have time! 
I said goodbye to my bff Elder Lambert on Monday.  He gone!  I am proud and excited for him. 
This week we had two breakdowns in our district.  First tears I've seen since being here!  Elder Powell got frustrated bc he wants there to be a set way to teach, and it's not that way.  You do what the spirit tells you to do, and it's difficult.  But we are both learning and getting better at it.  Last night Elder Leavitt brokedown and was having a really hard time.  He doens't think too highly of himself and was just beating himself up about a lot of things.  But he slept in our room last night with Elder Powell and I and I had a good long talk with him and I think I was able to help.  This whole mission thing ain't easy!!
The last couple of days I have not had the best attitude.  First two days that I could honestly say I did not want to be hear.  I couldn't pin point the cause of my attitude.  Whether it was the fact that I'm still sick and constantly have a sore throat or congestion and a cough(it hasn't gotten any worse, don't worry, but it definitely hasn't gone away) or if it's just that I'm sick of the mtc, or I'm just not converted enough to my mission yet.  I lost the fire and desire for the last couple days, but today has been really good and I am determined to make my last days in the mtc my best days in the mtc! 
Si, I received your package, thanks!  but no more food please, anything you send now I'll just have to pack up! 
I didn't get to host any new missionaries, unfortunately. But our teaching experience with the new missionaries last week went well!  It was not easy, those investigators are determined to embarrass us and make it difficult for us, like in the real world.  But it was funny, fun, and a good experience for the both of us! 
I'm going to need some new shoes, but no rush.  I have heard ecco's are really good, but I think I want some classy brown ones.  Just something that would go good with navy and dark grey!   11.5 shoe size, just to be safe.  No rush! 
Thanks for the update on the playoffs!  I'm sure I'll hear the final outcome sometime this week. 
My last pday in the mtc!  The next time you hear from me, I'll be in Texas!!! I'm so anxious to get out of here!
I love hearing from you, and I love and miss you all! 
Elder Williams


I'm emailing from a different computer this week, and I can't find the camera card slot.  So sorry, no pictures this week!  I'll trry to send a bunch next week!
Also, we got to eat outside the mtc today for lunch!   The west campus has access to Brigham's Landing, a little strip mall down the street.  We ate at Burger's Supreme and it was maravillosa!  It is pretty much exactly like Apollo and Crown.  Most exciting thng about my day! 



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