Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Week Seventy Nine - Paulistas Will Rule the Mission!

Nossa! Mom, you forgot the missionaries dinner!....eh... it happens. Well, my week was good. I arrived in my new area Tuesday morning. I thought I would only arrive there on Wednesday  because I was told that everyone's new companion would be arriving on Wednesday  but a missionary took his companion to the airport with a member and when they arrived there, they found the new missionaries of the area had already arrived. Nossa! the communication in the mission is very bad right now... but anyways, I arrived in my new area, my new companion is cool. He teaches well for having so little time in the mission. This week we had a baptism. Marcos decided to be baptized, my companion baptized him. I would send pics but my camera isn´t showing up on the computer. We pretty much just tried to find new people to teach. As the district leader of the missionaries here, I knew that they had some trouble with that. (I think the missionary before me is meio-fubeca) But anyways, we found some people with not so much interest, some people with a little more interest, and still a lot of people who have difficulty keeping commitments, because no one went to church, but... that´s not news... But I´m happy in my new area, and I´m hoping and praying that it´s my last (and you can pray for that too, all you at home......) I don´t really know anyone all that well yet. Memorizing the names of everyone is the worst part about transfers. So many names that almost have no difference.... it´s difficult. I live in a house with 3 other missionaries again: my companion, Elder L. Oliveira, and the zone leaders: Elder Robertson, from Stockton California, and Elder Gondim, from São Paulo, São Paulo. I think almost every Brazilian of the zone right now is from São Paulo. Paulistas will rule the mission if something doesn´t happen fast. One unfortunate thing that happened this week, an investigator that I was teaching in my last area, the father of 2 girls we baptized, passed away. He was almost always sick and we were never able to get him to go to church. He was saying the whole time that he wanted to go to know the church but never was able to, so that´s kind of sad. Include Brenda and Evalyn and their family in your prayers, por favor.
       But that´s about it for my week.
Dad wants to know if you got your issues straightened out that you mentioned in your last e-mail?.... more or less, I still need to work on it.

Any packages or letters this past week, if so, who from?nope, only in the beginning of every month, or when someone comes from Belém, which is rare.

Did your missionaries get the books I sent, yet?not yet

Do you remember an Elder Hoch from the MTC from Idaho?  I have been talking to his mom on facebook about coming to Belem to pick you up.  They are going to come, too and are working on arrangements so we are going to try to help each other! yes I remember Elder Hoch. Mais uma pergunta?

Did you ever get some birthday stuff bought?  If you did, have you mailed it home, yet?I am going to the centro today to do some stuff and while there I´ll buy some other stuff. So nothing has been mailed home yet, sorry.

Since you got transferred, are you still a district leader? No, I´m not, but that doesn´t bother me. I´m grateful for the time I had as a district leader. I learned bastante, especially that I am able to do more than I have been doing in my mission

mission e-mail: 2010356@ldschurch.org

Okay, gotta go now! I love you all have a great week. Which me luck! Hope for baptism. Pray for love.... desire the best.... run to the finish line.... sleep all day.... no no don´t do that. Tchau!

Love Elder R. Williams

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