Monday, June 24, 2013

Call From David on June 24, 2013!

David is on his way to Dallas!

Well, we talked to David on the phone for the last time until Christmas.  It was so good to hear his voice! He sounded very happy and very excited to get to Dallas, finally!  He had Cafe Rio for breakfast at the airport, which he said tasted amazing after all of those meals in the MTC.  He also told us a David story (he always has crazy things happen to him, so this was very typical!)  They were supposed to be in bed with the lights out by 10:30pm.  They had an additional missionary in their room for the last night because his roommate wasn't leaving for another day.  They stayed up talking until after midnight, but one of them set their alarm for like 3:15am so they would be sure to have time to get ready and finish packing.  David said he woke up and it was already 4:50am - twenty minutes past the time they were supposed to be at the travel desk!  He said someone went next door and the other missionaries were still asleep, too.  Out of four alarms being set for 3:15am, none of them went off! So, they got ready and finished packing in about fifteen minutes and the bus had to wait for them - what a nightmare!  He said he thinks they were being punished for not being obedient and going to bed when they were supposed to - too funny!  But, they made it to the airport, had time to eat and call home, so it all turned out OK.  David is really excited about his mission president, Devin Durrant, who played basketball for BYU and even played in the NBA for a couple of years.  Everyone says he is awesome and I am so excited for David to get to meet him and to have him as his president.  He said the devotional was amazing to have eleven of the twelve Apostles right there on the stage in front of them, talking and interacting with each other and with the missionaries.  David and Spencer were on the front row, right behind the podium! Some of them even turned around, making eye contact with them and giving them the thumbs up sign!   What an experience for a new missionary - David is so lucky to be in the MTC at this time.  Well, he is on the plane and probably taxiing down the runway, right now.  I can't wait to get to hear from him next and to hear of the adventures, trials, tribulations and crazy stories that he'll send home each week.  It's going to be a wild ride, I have a feeling!

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