Sunday, May 26, 2013

May 12, 2013 - David's Farewell and Mother's Day!

May, 12, 2013 was a pretty busy day for us!  Not only was it Mother's Day, we also had David's farewell and Tom got to Skype from Brazil!  David was preparing his talk right up until about the time he had to get dressed to leave for church!  He does better under pressure, he claims, but I am the same way so he must get it from me.  David gave a fantastic farewell talk where he spoke, and was brutally honest, about his feelings during the past year about school, getting ready to be a missionary, getting his call to Dallas Texas and about his fears, worries and self doubts for the two years coming up.  He paid a beautiful tribute to me, his mom, by telling everyone how much I do for him and how I am selfless when it comes to my three kids.  He had me and every other mother in the chapel in tears, numerous times throughout his talk.  He showed an immense amount of humility, emotion and humbleness and Dave and I were incredibly proud of him because that couldn't have been very easy!  We are in awe of the amazing young man he has become and he just has a hard time seeing himself the way others see him.  I know that there are people in the Texas Dallas mission that will have their lives blessed by spending time with David.  He has a big heart and he is one of the kindest people I know!  I know he will have trying times - while learning a new language, being so far from home, being totally independent, but I know that he has all of the ability, skill and perseverance to grow from everything he experiences and to come home just that much more amazing.  I am so, so excited for him and while yes, I will miss him immensely, I know that part of being a parent is being unselfish when it comes to what your kids want and sometimes we make sacrifices that aren't easy while going through them, but are rewarding in the long run.  Can't wait to see the son I love with all my heart, come home two years older and wiser!  It was truly a Mother's Day that I will never forget!

David, Em, Chris, Blaine and Susan enjoying the deck!

Par-tiers on the patio!

Lex, Landon, Brayden and Eli!  Good friends!

Giving Grandma Mart a hug!

The three amigos!  Brayden, David and Landon!

Good friends, Brayden, Ariel and David!

Aunt Tricia and cousins, Jeff and Brad!

Teri, Clay and David!

Grandpa Rollie, David and Uncle Ken!

Grandpa Rolly, David and Grandma Colleen!

David and best room mate/buddy Zach!

David and Grandpa Bryant and Grandma Marta!

David and "little" sister, Em!

David and Momma!

A full house of wonderful neighborhood friends!

Hannah, Chris, David, Rachel and Topher!

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  1. David did such an awesome was a great day!