Monday, May 27, 2013

Week Seventy Six - Some Want a Little and Some Want a Little More.....

Hello Family!

       To start off, my week was okay. We were running backwards to try to get a baptism, but the girl decided she didn´t want to be baptized. Nossa! my companion was upset. He tries really hard to get a baptism every week and it´s being a little difficult right now. There was only one visitor at church this week, that we aren´t even teaching yet, a members sister that we aren´t teaching yet. Everyone else was occupied or we weren´t able to talk with them this week. It was kind of annoying. But we´re looking a lot for new people to teach, talking to more people in the street, but that too is kind of annoying because a lot of people just say "já aceitei Jesus!" (I already accepted Jesus....) But I´m trying! But anyways, this week was kind of uneventful. We found some people that don´t want anything, some that want little and some that want a little more. Ugh... estou sentindo cansaço.... muito cansaço..... MAS NÃO SE PREOCUPE!
      Nossa! it must be strange at home with only one man in the house.... How´s it feel to be the man of the house Dad? not that you don´t already know how it is.... Send pics of oregon, EM! Hey mom! don´t worry bout us missionaries. We have so many angels protecting us and so many people praying for us, we almost don´t deserve it.... But sounds like your week was good.
Did you get David's email that I forwarded to you? No I didn´t, but David sent me an e-mail, says he´s doing good but really frustrated with the language. But send me his e-mails please.

Do you want me to keep sending David's e-mails?  Do you have time to read them? Yes please and yes I do!

Is there anything you need me to send, besides glasses cleaner? There´s a member here who served a mission some years ago and his companions always received beef jerkey. He asked if I could ask you guys to send him some beef jerkey. I´m thinking that you can send me some beef jerkey now and I can share it with him if I´m not transferred (if I am I can still send some jerkey) but if I am transferred I`ll get his address and you can send him some jerkey. Also, on the site of the chuch, they sell some mini preach my gospels in portuguese for about 4 bucks I think, but to buy one and send it to Brazil is very very expensive (100 reais/50 bucks mais ou menos), and some (3) missionaries here want a mini preach my gospel in portuguese. I was thinking maybe you guys could buy these 3, have them sent home and when you receive them, send them to the missionaries here in a small package. If 
it´s possible, just send a portuguese mini preach my gospel to Elder Mendes, Sister Viera dos Santos, and Sister de Lima, with the same mission address you use to send me stuffs. Pode ser? (can it be?)

Can you send more pictures?  One a week is just not doin' it for me :)! I´ll try to send more, but I´m not taking a lot of pics..... I´m just too lazy.... but if you really want, I´ll try harder. But you REALLY have to want it....

Are you still riding buses quite often in your area?  I don't know if I told you, but we had to buy David a bike and send it to his area.  He'll be primarily riding a bike everywhere. Yes I´m riding onibus just about every day. My companion doesn´t like walking much and we are always at the furthest point of our area at the end of the day, and walking back to our house takes more than an hour, so many many many onibuses!

I would send pics but this computer isn´t loading them very well.... save it for next week, sorry! But I love you all, have a great week and stay safe. Pray for David! (to have muito muito muito paciencia!) Tchau Tchau!

Love Elder R. Williams!

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