Monday, August 19, 2013

Week Eighty Eight - Take Your Socks Off!!

I don't know why, but this picture of Tom with the puppy just makes me miss him SO much!  He is a dog lover and I remember how cute he was with Toby when we first got him.  I would come home from work and there would be Tom in his chair in the living room with Toby on his lap, while he was playing video games!  I can't wait for this kid to get home - it's killing me!!

Tom and a puppy!!

Take your socks off!

Baptism group for Jaqueline at the river.

Hello my family!

        My week in Orixi was good. My companion got sick again, but he still works, so he´s strong.... We had another baptism, lá in the river again, which was cool. This time I baptized her, her being Jaqueline. Beyond that, I don´t have much to say....... the week was normal. I got an e-mail from Papai Scisci that got me thinking a bit.... this next week will be zone conference, he´s coming to Santarém, we go there Sunday night I think. There´s a chance that it´s my last. Embora ver....

Is it just you and your companion in your area?  I think you mentioned that once, but I couldn't remember, for sure. Yup, just us 2

Did you travel with another missionary to Oriximina?  That picture you sent of the hammocks kind of looked like you may have been with someone.  If not, who took the pictures of you on the boat? Being that this past transfer, the missionary that was here just traded places with me, he went to Santarém one night with his companion, and I returned with his companion.

What's the story on the cow you were standing by?  Was that on the boat? It´s just a cow in the front of the store in which we buy our stuffs.

Out of all the things at home (food, activities, etc.) what do you miss the most about home and that you are excited to get back to when you come home? Music or games.... or Toby...

Still eating at member's for lunch in your new area? yes....

I know you said on the 28th, but any packages or letters this past week?  I can't even remember what was in the last package I sent you that you have never gotten! nope, only next week. Only next week.

Me and a puppy. The next is me, the wife of the bishops counselor and my companion, showing our legs off. Everyone tells me I need to take the socks off.... HAHAHAHAHHAHAHHHAHAHHA I´m laughing too much.... (sarcasm), and the last is the group that watched the baptism. Jaqueline is the one in the macacão (the white baptismal outfit thingy....)

But that´s all. I love you all have a great week. Only 14 more, I think, and i´ll be home.... Egua.... Tchau

Love Elder R. Williams

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