Monday, August 19, 2013

Week Fourteen - Silver Medal in the TDM Olympics!

Hola mis personas favoritas en todo el mundo!
  Alright alright alright.  Grandma is so funny.  I love her to death and am looking forward to the package.  Elder Crockett got a package this week, but it was just sitting on our door step when we got home at night.  I'm in no rush for shoes, so I think it would be best to just send them with Dave, as long as he is okay with that.  Landon is finally in Thailand?!  Sheeesh that was a long time in the mtc, don't know if i could have done it.  But how exciting!  Billy is leaving, Toph is leaving, the whole world is leaving!  I love to see the work being hastened and I am honored to be apart of this historic time!  Mom I know you worry, but there is no need!  The Lord watches out for his missionaries, you need to have faith and know that!  Like the other day, Elder Crockett dropped our phone in the middle of the road.  It got ran over TWICE!  Not a scratch on it.  That right there is a cellular device of the Lord.  If he protects objects like phones, how much more do you think he will protect his own children doing his work?   I'm still cautious Mom, I don't want you to think that i have the attitude that I can do anything just because I'm a missionary.  I'm cautious, I have common sense, and I will be okay!  Trust in the Lord, because he is watching out for me. 
     This week had it's rough spots, but it was still quick and I got through it.  Elder Crockett almost 20, is from Cedar Hills and he went to LonePeak.  He was a starter on the football team that won the state championship two years okay.  He is a really cool kid, and is funny too. This last week he had knee problems, and that slowed us down a bit.  But he got some drugs and he is almost good to go now.  He is definitely not as easy to get along with as my first two companions.  We have our disagreeances, but that is typical for the first two weeks of a transfer.  It's just part of a mission, too:  learning to get along with everyone and loving everyone.  We had a really good night teaching last night and I feel like we are starting to click as a companionship. 
   Tuesday we had a district meeting.  Our district is only four elders, Elder Williamson being our district leader.  He has been out 18 months and he is hilarious.  He really likes to Bible Bash and argue with people, because he is really good at it.  So our meeting was about how to counter a JW.  Probably not the best topic, but I'm sure it will come in handy some day!  Elder Williamson calls me dad, even though he is like twice the size of me, and I get to go on an exchange with him tomorrow!  After the district meeting, I went on an exchange with his companion,  Elder Wood, to their area.  Elder Wood is the Elder I sat next to on the plane ride here.  I was really dreading spending an entire day with him to be honest, but it wasn't bad at all!  I think he is a really nice kid.  And i got to be in a car for a change!  It rained really hard that day, but we had a good time.  
    Thursday we had the 2013 Dallas Texas Mission annual Olympics.  We do it once a year, and we meet up with 3 other zones and compete in a series of events, physical, mental, and spiritual, as companionships.  There were events like push ups, jumping jacks, free throws, speed walking, and memorized scriptures, memorized parts of pmg, and a few others.  My companion and I are both terrible at the memorization stuff, but he was a football player, and I consider myself to be pretty fit, so I thought for sure we could win one or two of the physical events.  Boy was I wrong.  We did horrendous!  I am out of shape to say the least!  I had high hopes for the Olympics, but we were a big dud, and I was planning on going home empty handed.  Then during the award ceremony, our name was called and we got a silver medal!  I didn't even know what for at first, bc I wasn't paying attention.  But we got the silver for the WORD SCRAMBLE of all events!  It's probably the one event that no one tries on, and I did all the work for it, but at least it's something!  Next year I am going to train big time for the Olympics, bc the zone leaders won the gold in almost every event.  I'm not okay with that!  
    Yesterday, for the first time in my mission, we actually had an investigator keep their word and come to church!  It felt really good, and she is very promising, and I really think she is going to be baptized soon.  Pray for Gloria Vera!  
-no letters yet, but I talked to the Hermanas that now live in our GP apt and they told me they have two letters for me.  Don't know how I will get them, and it might be a while, but I'll get them! 
-no washer and dryer in our apt, only some that the entire complex shares. 
-yes we have been eating out more than I would like to and I apologize!  mostly bc of Elder Munday; he asks us to come eat with them all the time!  But I am trying to cut back on that.  We mostly go out for dinners though, bc the ward here is so busy with work and school that we don't get fed as much by them. 
-I can't think of any places you could send me gift cards for.  There are lots of cool looking bars/restaurants, but they aren't chains.  So you don't need to worry about gift cards.  Although some simple, cheap recipes might actually be nice.  I'd appreciate that. 
       I miss y'all and love y'all bastante!!!!  Make this week a little more exciting so you have something out of the ordinary to tell me.  Haha!  Stay righteous.  Pray.  Love life. 
con mucho amor,
              Elder Williams


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