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Week Thirteen - Loving Lakewood and The Big D (Dallas)!

David's district in Grand Prairie!

The GP District!
David on David Drive!

Hijole hijole hijole!  
   Idk if that is really how you spell that, but I love saying that now and I don't really know what it means, but I am quite sure it is appropriate.  It is similar to "wow!"  or "holy cow!"  would be my guess.    Well first of, exciting changes in the ward!  I have been thinking that Bishop Wannacott's time has gotta be up soon.  I was kinda hoping Dad would be the new bishop haha but Bishop Hatch will be a great bishop!  Like i have said before, i love to hear that you are going to farewell's and homecoming's!  Zach Baker and i have been exchanging emails off and on over the last few weeks and he is an awesome kid!  I really admire him.  I think about Ely con frecuencia and I need to email that kid!  We meet sooo many people here from Honduras!   Thanks goodness about the shoes!  I haven't been able to get them off my mind and i have felt so terrible bc i already wasted a pair of shoes bc they didn't fit, and if another pair of shoes went to waste i would be sick!  I have been praying lately that my shoes would turn up somehow or this could just be resolved and figured out.  Prayers are answered HALLELUIA!! do you spell that word? I know that is way off ha!  I like the idea of having that guy bring them as long as it doesn't turn into too much of a hassle.  I will attach our phone number and address at the fin de esta correo electronico. 
   Okay now on to my week.  Hijole yo tengo tanto para decirles!!  I am in Lakewood, aka Lake"hood" and our area covers downtown Dallas!  It is about a half hour bike ride there (so yes we are still on bikes, but esta bien bc it is super flat here) and we go down there once or twice a week to visit a less active that lives in a homeless shelter.  He has a very interesting story and i will probably tell you more about him in the upcoming weeks.  Lakewood is awesome.  I love being able to look down the street and see all the skyscrapers so close!  GP was more suburbia or whatever you call it while Lakewood is city.  I love it.  There is so much more going on, so much more to see, so many more people to talk to.  We had by the coolest crossfit gym all the time. I miss the gym!   But i have a plan to offer the owner eternal salvation in exchange for one free workout every Monday.  To me it sounds like an irresistible deal but i don't really see it happening.  I have already met so many REALLY INTERESTING people here.
   Before coming here, I heard nothing but bad things about Lakewood:  it's ghetto, not enough Spanish, it's slow, a dead area with very little success, and no one likes it here.  I love it here and can't see what people are talking about.  When I got here Elder Crockett and his previous companion had 0 progressing investigators, so we did nothing but find this week and we led the entire mission for new investigators this week with 25.  That feels good!  The zone leaders called us last night and made sure that we knew how proud they were of us bc numbers like that just don't come out of Lakewood.  I really don't even know how we did it or how that hasn't been happening before, because neither of us really know what we are doing. We just work hard.  I really see a lot happening this transfer and I am stoked! 
     Elder Crockett is a good guy and i really like him.  He is only two transfers ahead of me, like Elder Sheffer.  I feel really bad for him because all of his companions have been terrible, and it shows.  I trusted Elder Sheffer 100% in his Spanish, teaching abilities, and all his decisions.  I never doubted him and I always felt like he did the best thing possible in every scenario.  Elder Crockett, not so much.  We have a few disagreeances, but he is still a good missionary trying his best, and even though his Spanish isn't as good, I like the way he works with people more, and i think he is better at connecting with people.  Our Spanish is about the same, which is not very good.  But it will be a very good growing opportunity for the both of us bc up until now, we have both been able to rely on our companions way too much.  Now we are both going to have to step up and take charge.  Spanish is becoming fun. I get frustrated and impatient at times because i feel like Elder Crockett isn't giving me enough chances to speak, and he feels the same towards me. With Elder Sheffer i was fine with sitting back and letting Shef do all the talking, but now I just want to TALK!  In Spanish!  It's a weird, sudden change that just came out of nowhere!  We are going to have to learn how to share the talking time, bc we both want to talk and lead the contacts and the lessons. 
     We live in an apt on the third floor, which is rough at the end of a long day on a bike. But i like it.  Maybe not as nice as GP, but I like it. The first thing I see when I come out of the door is a pool and I don't like it.  I never thought a pool could look so tempting on my mission!  This week was long, mostly bc we had hardly no food other than roman and eggs, and we don't get fed by members here very often.  I was hungry all week!  And the apt is dirty because Elder Crockett's companion before me was Elder Downer and he just went home and didn't bother to clean the apt.. So we are gonna do a deep cleaning of the apt today! 
      We have a lot of contact with the English Elders in our area; Elder Munday and Elder Langford.  Elder Munday(6 months in the field) is from AF, his dad is was a mission president twice and is now a member of the 70.  So obviously he has been well taught by his dad and he likes to show that off.  I can't help but love the kid, but sometimes he gets on mine and Crock's nerves.  Elder Langford has been out about as long as me and reminds me of a red headed, nerdy version of Jared Heldt, or actually more like Kirt Heldt.  He is very professional.  They live with a member and have a car.  They give us rides often and they are cool dudes.  It is the coolest feeling being able to talk Spanish in front of them and they have no clue what we are saying and it drives them nuts! 
   We played basketball the other day with some morenos and i almost got out of missionary mode!  One of them in particular was running his mouth and talking trash and it got competitive and I really wanted to show him what's up.  So I probably won't play ball with them again. 
   There is only an English ward and a ysa ward here.  It's a super nice chapel and going to church yesterday made me feel like I was home!  The people are mostly white, young and attractive and pretty well off.  There was a farewell yesterday and it brought back some memories!  Late that night we rode by the house where the farewell was at and they invited us in to finish off the rest of the food.  They are a really cool family, the Romney's.  Brother Romney was a mission president in Mexico.  One of their sons is in the BYU group Vocal Point, and he did a musical number in sacrament meeting.  prrrrretty neat!  it's a really cool ward, but i feel intimidated by the young attractive rich people.  It is also a real bummer that it is an English ward. That is really going to slow our Spanish down, but we will just have to work harder at it! 
     I love this work and I know that it is the work of God and He is helping us out.  I had a very spiritual experience this week that strengthened my testimony in the Priesthood as well as the influence and power of the Spirit.  The authority of God is on the earth and with it we can bring souls to Christ.  I am looking forward to the upcoming weeks with great excitement! 
I didn't send Charlotte a thank you card, only grandma.  I don't have her address, but i would love to send her one if you can get me here address! 
I haven't had much of a chance to listen to talks yet.  This week was difficult to get good studies in bc i was getting settled in. 
Address:  2315 Moser, apt 321.  Dallas TX. 

We email at SMU, a college, and we don't have a time limit!  wooohooo!  and it is easier to send pics here i think, so that's what I'm going to try now.  

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