Monday, August 5, 2013

Week Eighty Six - Baptism in the River!

Tom, Camila and Elder Tobias.

Tom by the river.

Baptisms in the river!

Good Morning Família Williamees!

             I hope all is well at home. My week was another good one. Last Monday night, we watched The Best Two Years, holy smokes that movie is funny, and probably funnier than the last time now that I´m a missionary. Teaching this week was normal. We are teaching a lot of youth here because there´s a girl who gives a lot of references but they are all young, like her. We had another baptism. Camila was baptized in the river, because the chapel didn´t have water. On Tuesday night we got a boat ride to Obidos, which is another little city about 2 hours from Orixi. Every 15 days we go there to have a district meeting. Nossa! Obidos is pretty much just up and down, the whole city, so I´m glad I don´t have to walk around there much. We returned to our area Wednesday about mid-day and we got to watch Hotel Transylvania, which looks funny(I say looks because in Portuguese I didn´t understand much and the boat is loud). In church on Sunday we had 3 visitors and they all liked the church a lot. One is a girl who has been taught by the missionaries for about 2 months but for some reason she never made a visit, until yesterday, and she said she liked it pra caramba and wants to continue there. And she took her brother with her, who also liked it pra caramba! AGORA! now I´m happy. Unfortunately, no one can get baptized this next week because everyone needs to go to church one more time. But who knows, maybe a miracle will pop out of nowhere.
          About your week.... do you guys eat with uncle Ken every week? It seems like in every e-mail for about 2 months now you mention that you guys ate with uncle Ken.... not that it´s a bad thing.... I guess very little really is happening at home then. Yeah mom, you already told me what Jeff said... I hope that´s the case because I´m kind of feeling like fubeca right now..... But I´m working!... oh boy... it´s hot in the lan house right now, there´s no air conditioning(?) BUT!.....


Where was that pool you were sitting by in that picture you sent home and were you just dying to get in it? It´s at the house of the family that Elder Fox baptized while he was here, more than a year ago. Yes I was dying to get in. Elder Fox jumped in one time, that fubeca!

How do you like your new companion?  Do you get along with him, ok? My new companion is cool, very laid back and relaxed but he likes to work.... he´s also fubeca, just a little.

Any packages or letters this past week?  If so, who from?  Now that you are out in the boonies, it's probably going to be even harder to get packages. I sent one such a long time ago, I can hardly remember what was in it! My package is in Santarém right now but I think I´ll only get it the week after this one.

How do you get around in your new area?  Mostly walking or do you still take the bus? There are no buses in Orixi, nor are there street lights. It´s just about the most laid back city ever.

Have you had to talk in sacrament meeting, lately? Nope :)

Some pics of Camila´s baptism. The river´s pretty pra caramba.

But okay, just this today. I love you all. Do you want to say something? No, sorry I thought you said something... I love you all... again.... but that´s it for today... again..... Have a great week... again..... and again.... just a few more times.... Stay safe .... Go with God!... peace of the Lord!

Elder R. Williams

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