Monday, August 12, 2013

Week Eighty Seven - Falling Out of Bed!

Tom on the boat taking him to Oriximina!

Relaxing in a hammock on the boat!

With a cow....

On a bridge.

Tom with a bunny!

Oh my gosh!  It's hard to believe that we will be able to hug and kiss this guy in just a little over three months!  So proud of him and he just looks so incredibly happy in these pictures!  Love him like crazy!!

Nossa! What news you have given me! Egua! Bishop Hatch, é? Bacana! I would´ve liked it if the bishop that sent me out was still there when I arrived, mas tudo bem! Hey.... Zach Baker is Blake Baker´s brother?.... I´m confused... but anyways. My week was good. Lots of teaching. We taught 27 lessons this week which is quite well because we generally only get 20 lessons in a week.My companion got sick this week, I think it was a virus, but he still worked, so he´s quite the missionary. I fell from my bed and partially broke the fan. I think, while I was sleeping, I got up and tried to descend from the bed but I forgot that I sleep on the bunk bed. I might´ve been partially awake, but I had my feet dangling off the bed looking for the ground but didn´t find it, so I just jumped... Egua... .but I´m okay. Hrrmmmm what else happened this week.... OH we ate pizza with the seminary students. The pizza here is okay.... but they don´t put any tomato sauce on it so they give you ketchup packets which isn´t so good. Also, my companions birthday was yesterday. He has 20 years of life now, so Para Bens to him! But everything here in the mish is normal. So....

What does 'fubeca' mean - you use that a lot and Google translate doesn't translate it to anything.  What does it mean? Fubeca means slacker.... more or less.... it´s someone who doesn´t do what he´s supposed to.... like wake up 6:30  instead of 7:30, like my companion, so he´s a fubeca....

Any packages this past week?  Or letters?  If so, from who? Nope, only on the 28th will I receive mail.

Is the weather in Orixi any different than in Belem? In Belém, almost every day after lunch it rains. Here it only rains from time to time. But they say at this time of the year it almost never rains.

In that picture of you and two other missionaries in the river - was just one person actually getting baptized?  Two of them didn't look like they were actually getting baptized - maybe just goofing around? That picture was of me, my companion, Camila, being baptized by my companion, the first counselor of the bishop, Rodrigo, who is drowning his wife, Dayane, and I´m putting in her cousin to do the same.... I think it´s her cousin.

What's the name of the river you go on to get to your meetings - is it the Amazon? I think it´s Rio Tapajós

One more question that's kind of long.  In looking at the calendar, we are wondering if you would have a problem in waiting to speak in church for your homecoming until Dec 22nd?  Grandma and Grandpa want to come up for that and it's so close to when they come up for Christmas, the closer it is to Christmas, the easier it will be on them.  Meaning they won't have to come up twice or stay up here for a couple of weeks.  We will get home on December 3rd, so that's almost three weeks before you would speak in church.  If you have a problem with that, will you let me know?  On the one hand, it will give you lots of time to prepare, but Dad says most missionaries speak at church as soon as they return.  Just let me know how you feel about it and if you want to push it up to closer when you get home, that's what we'll do.  Hrmmm...... IDK.... I´ll let you all at home decide this one. For me qualquer um tanta faz (any one will do)

I think these are the ones you asked for. And the others, me at the side of a vaca and me holding a coelho. Cool, huh?

But that´s all. I love you all, have a great week. Stay safe, protect yourself from the malities(?) of the world. Choose the right, Conserve tua rota! The church is true. I love you all have a great week, protect yourself from the malities(?) of the world..... I love you all..... stay safe..... Tchau!

Love Elder R. Williams

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