Monday, September 2, 2013

Week Ninety - Arm Wrestling and a Broken Toe?!

Tom, his companion and some youth standing on a railing!

Tom under a 'ponto do chifre'!

Eating milkshakes!

Tom's toe after accidentally kicking the floor!  Ouch!

Good morning Family,

       So.... about my week.... It was okay. It was the last week of the transfer, we received news about the transfer yesterday at lunch. We learned that this transfer brings no changes to us. I will stay in orixi and my companion also will stay in orixi. I think because of the transfer my companion and I relaxed a little bit and just kind of went... slowly... I also think I almost broke my toe. When we were teaching an investigator we had an arm wrestling mach, and after a little bit of real wrestlin. I tried to trip my companion but ended up kicking the ground. Ouch... but I´m fine now so don´t worry, I only needed 11 stitches in my toe.... (I´M JOKING, IT´S A JOKE DON´T CALL THE MISH PRES!) Can you believe I beat someone in an arm wrestle? For being a stick, I´m gettin pretty strong, nĂ©?.... hrmm I really don´t know what else to say.... the mission is pretty normal right now... Oh, we got new assistants. Elder Brac, who is from Argentina and speaks about 5 languages, I think, and Elder Peterson. Elder Peterson has less than a year in the mission and he´s already the assistant. Wow! he must be good!
What exactly was in that package I sent - I am a little curious, now. All they said was that it had a lot of beef jerky.

Are you still using your ipod to listen to music on?  Is the little speaker still working that I sent with it? My companion is always listening to music on his little speaker box so mine is in the mala (suitcase) por enquanto (for now).

Where are you e-mailing from now that you are in Oriximina? A lan house about 15 minutes from our place. Very annoying isso, but it´s the best one in the city.

Are you still eating at members houses pretty much everyday? yup

Have you done any service projects lately? nope

Have you had to speak in sacrament meeting in your new area? I decided to bear my testimony yesterday seeing that I have so few chances to do that now.... I think just one because general conference in october usually takes the place of fast and testimony meeting so the last time will probably be in November.

My companion and I eating milkshakes.... me, my companion and some youth of the ward standing on a railing(?).... my broken toe... and me under the ponto do chifre, I think it´s called. The ponto do chifre means that someone was cheated on.... or something like that...

But the e-mail is short this time, sorry for that. But I still love you, it doesn´t mean that I don´t. I miss you all and I´ll see you all in less than 100 days (84 and a few I think)....(I´m not counting I promise, I´m just super good at math.... more or less). Tchau Tchau!

Love Elder R. Williams

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