Monday, September 16, 2013

Week Ninety Two - Replace the Rusty Gears!


Tom giving a photo bomber a dirty look!

Tom, Elder Soares and Elder Tobias!

Good Morning!

       Well.... my week was good, definitely better than the last and passed a lot lot faster. My companion and I did some running last p-day morning and apparently that completely destroyed his legs. So for 2 days he couldn´t even walk and we pretty much stayed at home. He had to toughen it up a little bit to go to Obidos for our district meeting and he even went to the hospital, got an injection in his butt and had to buy some medicine. But...t..... Thursday he was able to work again. Friday night, an investigator invited us to her catholic youth group, to present ourselves. I think the moment we arrived there, the leaders were threatened with our presence, and teaching about the restoration of the gospel just made things super awkward.. They talked about Friday the 13th, because this past Friday was Friday the 13th, and some of the myths and stories about it.... It doesn´t mean anything to me.... but at the end... they prayed Pai nosso, which is the prayer that Jesus said in the bible that the Catholics all repeat together... that was really uncomfortable to me.... but it´s over now. Saturday night we had another baptism, Marcos´s baptism. I don´t think he really wanted to be baptize... actually I know he didn´t.... he tried running from us and lying to us.... but when we found him my companion just sat there.... "let´s go?" and he just went and was baptized....
        Sunday night was the stake conference of Santarém, but it was here in Oriximiná. The stake president came (of course), the mission president came, papai Scisci, the temple president of Manaus came, and Elder Soares, an area 70 from Recife came. The temple pres. spoke about work in the temples and about the attributes of Christ, which was pretty much the same thing that I spoke about in a talk in my 3rd area, so it wasn´t like a super up there good talk, but..... Pes. Scisci talked about the work that should be done by missionaries with the members, and Elder Soares talked about the importance of woman in our lives and why prayers aren´t answered at times (It´s pretty much because we don´t do our part, always). It was cool and I could feel the spirit. I liked  it a lot.
     After stake conference, my companion and I were interviewed by the mish. pres. He talked a little about me being at the end of my mish and for almost being at the end, I need to give even more of myself and can´t be losing time, because the end will come and after the end I won´t be a mish (haha, almost said I won´t be Amish anymore) any more and will have desired to give more of myself. So I´ve gotta replace the rusty gears and get going again....*groan* I think when I get a companion exchange, it will be better... hopefully a newbie with greeny fire.
Didn't you buy some shoes in one of your other areas that you didn't like very much?  Do you still have them? yup I did, they were horrible, i just got blisters using them, and I left them in santarém for whoever wants them.

Is there anyplace in Oriximina that you could buys shoes from? I´m thinking about just buying some dark dark dark sneakers.There was a return missionary in Santarém that did that in his last area. But yeah there are places.

Didn't you take two pairs of shoes with you?  I can't remember..... I took some big ugly boots that probably died early for having to walk through so much water all the time, because in Belém (and Santarém when I arrived) it rained every day.

How are your pants and shirts holding up? I hope they will make it another couple of months! My pants and shirts are fine, no problem there.

Do you miss Emilee more than the last time I asked? Tu é doido, menino! sem dúvida! com certeza!

Em wants to know if you're going to buy a new car when you get home? That´s doubtful.

Marcos´ baptism, a girl that had nothing to do with nothing that just wanted to be in a photo so I just gave a dirty look and the other 2 look to be having an awkward moment and the girl looks doido..., and Elder Soares with 2 future area 70s, Elder R. Williams and Elder Tobias (E. Tobias is very unlikely, but Elder R. Williams.... that cara is getting close.... more or less).

But that´s all. I love you all, have a great week. Wish me luck, don´t be thinking about me too much.... another week bites the dust.

Love Elder R. Williams

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