Monday, September 23, 2013

Week Ninety Three - Surprise Baptism!

Tom with a gun!

Tom with a beautiful parrot!

Tom in front of the river.

Tom below a lot of stairs!

Surprise baptism!

Good morning Utah!

        Welp.... to start off, my week went well, it was another quick one, which is excellent. This week we had another baptism, which we weren´t expecting. There are 2 boys that we were teaching. Both of them have already been taught everything, but one needs permission from his father, who won´t allow it, and the other just doesn´t want to be baptized. But there is another kid who comes to church every night to play soccer and hang out with the galeira there, who was taught about 6 or 7 months ago but didn´t have the desire to be baptized until Thursday night. He came up to us at an activity and just said "I want to be baptized...".... MILAGRE! The ward had a 60´s ball dance(?) which we got to see a little of.We were going to stay from 8 to 9 to see if we could talk to peeps and get some addresses but everyone showed up after 9 so it didn´t go very well (for the missionaries, I heard that a lot of peeps went). But at least more people know what the church is like a little better. This week went really well. We taught a lot, found new peeps to teach that seem to have interest in knowing the church (SEEM is the key word). Or we had a lot of luck this week, or the Lord extended his mercy over these 2 fubecas in oriximiná.
       About coming to Alter do chão. IT´s about an hour bus ride from Santarém. I remember seeing a hotel in Alter do chão. Maybe we can spend a day and a night in alter and maybe half of the next day and at night return to Belém. Something like that...
Did you get any new shoes, yet?  Or get yours fixed? I bought some new ones today. They aren´t much for workin or walkin all day but I think they´ll last the last 2 months... I hope....

How much time do you want to spend in Santarem? Just 2 days, maybe 1 and a half in alter and the afternoon in Santarém.

Do you want to go and stay in Altar Do Chao for a night or two? read above

What's the best way to get around down there - should we plan on taking taxis? There are buses, but they are annoying... and hot. Taxis are okay.

Can we use credit cards almost everywhere or can we get Brazilian money from ATM's pretty easily, if we need it? I think you can use credit cards anywhere but it´s also easy to find an ATM.

Elder Hoch's mom says that he told them he could pick them up at the airport - do you think you could come with him? I´m not sure. I will have to see what day they plan on bringing me back to Belém from Santarém (if I stay here which I think I will). If I return to Belém in this next transfer (which I think I won´t), there should be no problem, but if I stay.... who knows (this guy doesn´t)

If there's anyplace specific you want to see or something you want to do, let me know so I can have the travel agent look into it for me. I kind of feel like spending more time in the hotel just resting.... so I think you should decide....

Pics.... some views of the river and the baptism of Vinicius.

But.... I love you all. I miss you all. Congratulations to Ryan and his soon-to-be wife. Congrats to Utah for the win.... Have a great week. Tchau!

Love Elder R. Williams

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