Monday, October 28, 2013

Week Ninety Eight - Adjusting to a Quiet Companion!

Bom Dia family!

        Então, my first week with my new companion was... okay. My companion, E. Sales, is from Paraná which is one state west of São Paulo. He´s got about 9 months in the mish and he´s my first companion that is less talkative than me, or so it seems after the first week with him. All of my companions have been very chatty until now so it´s a bit different with him as my companion. At least it gives me the chance to talk more, and you know, develop my conversing skills (which still aren´t great, but are improving). My companion reminds me a lot of myself during my first year of the mish, and it kind of bothers my. I guess I now know what it was like for my companions, being my companions (it´s quite annoying). But this week was uneventful, I think nothing happened so I don´t have much to say... and I´ve been feeling quite exhausted lately.... Pois é, a little from now my last month in the mish begins.... it went by so quick.... but it´s time to be ending anyways.
Do they celebrate Halloween in Brazil?  I probably asked you that before, but can't remember. Nope, they know what it is and at times they have a little Halloween party, but going from door to door asking for candy, they don´t do that. But there might be a ward Halloween party this next month, quem sabe.
Do you have that member's address?  I would be happy to send them the stuff you e-mailed about. já respondi.
Have you ever had to take any pills while you were there, like for Malaria?  Dad and I have to get prescriptions for Malaria pills and take them while we are there and for about a week after we get home. The only pills we are given are vitamins, which I don´t have anymore, but I don´t think I need them.
Are there more mosquitoes and bugs where you are now than there was in the city? There aren´t a lot of mosquitoes here but I think there are more flies, which is annoying.
How's your toe that almost got broken?  I hope it healed ok! My toe is fine, thank you.
Have you heard from the Mission Pres. secretary, yet?  I emailed this past week, but they haven't replied. still nothing.

Pics.... I ain´t got new pics, forgot to take some of the house. Next week you´ll get some.

But I guess that´s all. With the end arriving I feel like I´ve already said it all. But I just want to let you know that I love ya´ll and miss ya´ll like louco.Thanks for all your love and support that you show every week (thanks for writing to me Dad!) Have uma semana excelente. Until o próximo! Tchau!

Love Elder R. Williams

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