Monday, October 14, 2013

Week Ninety Six - Finishing Out in Oriximina and Hosting a BBQ!

A sign that says "read the bible while there's still time!"

Natasha's baptism.

Tom and a weird doll at a members house.

Mayk's baptism.

Good morning once again my family.

        About my week, it was good. It was the last week of the transfer and my last one begins tomorrow. Sunday afternoon we learned that Oiximiná will, in fact, be my last area but my companion will be transferred, but we don´t know where to yet because plane tickets are really expensive right now and we also don´t know who will have the privilege of being my last companion. For my companion´s farewell we´re going to have a small bbq at our place. This week, we had 2 baptisms, one on Saturday and the other yesterday. Saturday night was Natasha´s baptism. She said that when we first started teaching her, she dreamed several times that she was being baptized by us, and just took that as the sign that she needed to be baptized. And yesterday was Mayk´s baptism. He´s been taught by us for about 2 months now, he was just having a hard time going to church because hes a very occupied person. But he was baptized and confirmed yesterday. But for being the last week of my companion, it was pretty laid back with lots of fun, saying "tchau" to tudo mundo. But that´s about all this week.
Are transfers coming up this week?  Do you know if you are staying or going somewhere else, yet? next week, I´m staying, hooray!

How are your new boots working out?fine

When we come in November, will Brazil be going into their Summer?  Does it rain more in their Summer or their Winter? In Belém it rains pretty much every day, but in Santarém, it should be summer, or maybe winter will be starting up (and it rains a lot in winter)

What kind of birthday cake did you get to eat? carrot cake with chocolate frosting... it´s weird, don´t like it much.

Do you have any ideas of what you want for Christmas? nope!

Natasha´s baptism, Mayk´s baptism, a sign that says "read the bible while there´s still time," and a weird doll at a members house! Legal!

But.... I love you all and miss you, have a great week. Happy birthday Em (sorry I forgot last week).... I guess I should already wish you a happy Halloween and Thanksgiving.... HAPPY HALLOWEEN AND THANKSGIVING! okay, Tchau!!

Love Elder R. Williams

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