Sunday, October 6, 2013

Week Ninety Four - Broken Shoes and Another Baptism!

Tom, Ariele, Debora, Elder Tobias and Janderson, the ward mission leader.  

Tom and Elder Tobias eating lunch at a convert's home.

Tom and a recent convert's mother washing dishes.

Tom and Elder Tobias waiting at the church.

Bom Dia!
    Holy smokes, tu é doido, é? How long until Toby can sleep in my lap again?! (Not too long). But... my week was good here. The new shoes I bought... já era. I was running around a little with them at church and the bottom was just glued on so it pretty much.... broke (shoes brake?), so I returned them, got some others but probably won´t use them, they are ugly.... maybe on sundays. Today I´m probably going to buy some boots. We had one more baptism. Debora was baptized. She started going to church 2 weeks ago every night to sing in the choir, with a friend of hers that is a member. She liked it a lot, started to received the lessons and she was baptized, rapidão. Unfortunately, we don´t have anyone to be baptized this next week. But who knows maybe another miracle will show up. And september is officialy over, another one bites the dust. But beyond that, the week was pretty uneventful. About my shoe with a hole in it, some look at it as a sign of a worker but others think it just means that he walked a lot.... so..... o que que tem? Congratulations to Ryan and Amanda for the marriage. Congratulations to Grandpa Rollie for the birthday. Lets work hard to make it until the next 10!
   The plan! Maybe instead of 2 days in santarém, we can get a boat to Oriximiná and spend one day there too. That way dad can get his boat ride up the river and I can go swimming at iripixi(? these indian names are confusing) the place where we baptized but were not able to go swimming. There is a boat that goes from Santarém to Oriximiná in about 4 hours and it´s 40 reais, about 20 bucks. If it´s really expensive, all this traveling and stuffs, I can pay for myself.
I am going to try to go out and meet with a counselor at SLCC this week.  Are there any classes you are really interested in or want me to check into? More art... spanish... sociology... are there classes to learn instruments like piano or guitar? that´d be cool.

When is the next transfer for you? on the 15th I think.

Are you hoping to stay put or would you like to go somewhere else for your last transfer? For me right now.... anything goes. I´m thinking I´ll stay because my companion is causing a little bit of confusion in the ward. He´s already talked to Pres.about it and he said he´ll probably be leaving this next transfer.

Any letters or packages last week?  I have a feeling probably no because you are so far away from everything -sorry! I think I´ll receive a letter or 2 this next week. 3 packages and some letters arrived to our LD in obidos, and he´ll be coming here to watch general conference.

How are you liking your other pair of glasses?  Are you used to them?  I think they look really good on you! I like my glasses a lot. A lot of people ask to try them on (muita moça) and say that I must be pretty close to blind.... but... next question.

What is your apartment like?  You need to send us some pictures! Okay. So... it´s an elongated(?).... okay how can I explain it.... You enter a gate... you walk a bit and pass 2 doors and at the end you arrive to ours. You enter... you look straight ahead and there is my desk, all perfect and neat, but sometimes there is some sort of doodoo because lots of spiders like to live on the ceiling. You look to the left, and you see my companions desk, all bagunçada because he´s brazilian, with pics of his girlfriend. He´s super tranque (misses her a lot), and has been dying to receive her letters. You enter the next room, which is our kitchen, with our room to the left and the bathroom too. To the right.... a wall.... and that´s our house pretty much. I´ll be sure to take pics of it.

Do you ever cook anything in your apartment?  What? I like to kooc patties and eggs. Sometimes I make miojo (noodles) and put cut up hot dog in it. Mom you need to teach me to cook more stuff when I get home.

Pics... usually I don´t have space in the e-mail to send some, so I have to send another e-mail with them. So I love you all and miss you. Have a great week. Enjoy fall for me ( I love fall... and winter... and spring...... and summer too.... oohhh the changing of seasons how I miss you so....). TCHAU!

Love Elder R. Williams

Debora´s baptsim, from left to right: Me, Ariele (the friend that introduced her, Debora, to the church), Debora, E. Tobias, and Janderson, the fubeca Ward mission leader who for once did something (interviewed Debora for the baptism) because the Bishop wasn´t able to and he didn´t have counselors. A pic of us eating lunch at a recent converts place and of me and the recent converts mom washing dishes, and a pic of my companion and I at the church waiting for the baptismal candidate to arrive. Okay? 
Love Elder R. Williams

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