Monday, October 7, 2013

Week Ninety Five - Conference and Breaking Eggs!

Bom dia família!

       So... about my week.... it was good... 2 investigators had birthdays this week, so we got to eat some cake which was yummy. One of them is demanding a present from me because      I´m American and a little from now I´m going away and she thinks I´m rich. Everyone thinks the Americans are rich... sometimes I say I am but usually I just say I´m poor. I watched someone break an egg on the head of the birthday boy (my companion, safado).....(my companion broke the egg on Mike´s head (our investigator)).... (I should´ve broken an egg on his head for his birthday too, but it´s too late now).....( on my companion´s head).....(and on mike´s). General Conference was okay. We watched it at the church, but they didn´t have it in English and I kind of fall sleep while watching it in Portuguese. The missionaries from Obidos came to watch here because they can´t watch it there and I stayed with the peruano(?.... how is someone from Peru called?) for a few hours. He´s ending his first transfer after this week. I think he pretends to understand more than he actually does, but that´s normal. Unfortunately we didn´t have a baptism this week but maybe we´ll have 2 this next one. In short... things are okay here, I´m trucking along, my companion is a little tired of the area and just wants to get out of here. He´s suffered a bit here, almost every week he´s sick. This past week, he woke up with a pain in his back, we went to the doctors, they thought it was a problem with his kidney (I was thinking kidney stones or even cancer), he had an ultrasound(?) and they couldn´t find anything wrong with him so he´s just going to take medicine por enquanto.
Where did you watch conference?  Do you watch it in Portuguese or translated? at church, in Portuguese

Did you buy some boots last week?  If you did, are they working out ok? yup, tudo bem.

Do you want me to bring you a swimming suit when we come?  Dad was wondering if you could get released down there so you could actually go swimming while we are there.... I think I can get released while I´m here still. I´ve seen it once, a missionary just had a short talk with his bishop on the phone and at the end he could take his name tag off, but it might´ve been because only his mom came to visit. Bring my swimming suit and if I can´t, tudo bem. But you can forget about my converse, just bring my tom´s and maybe my church shoes that I left there.

In your pictures, it looks like you have a huge fanny pack on - is that what it is?.... it´s a bag... that I wear at my side because it feels weird on my behind and also it doesn´t shut, the zipper broke. I used to use straps over the shoulder but they broke and I began carrying it with my hands but it got really annoying. It´s the same bag I´ve been using since the 6 month mark of my mish.

Are there lots of restaurants in Santarem? yes there are restaurants, not really fancy ones but lots of Brazilian BBQ, mmmmmmm muito bom.

Pics, I will send in another e-mail. But I love you all and miss you all. Have a great week, stay safe. Don´t be countin the days just yet, just the weeks (7). Tchau!

Elder R. Williams

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