Monday, October 28, 2013

Week Ninety Seven - New Companion and Last Transfer Done!

Tom in Obidos by the boats.

Tom and his second to last companion at church.

Welcome to Obidos!

Welcome to Obidos!

Gud mornin!

     hello family and all that might be reading (I think everyone must be kind of bored with my e-mails by now, and I am too, don´t have much to say). Welp... my week was okay. The transfer was Tuesday but my companion, which was going to be transferred to Belém, ended up staying until Friday and that night only got a boat ride to Santarém. They had a change in plans and now he´s serving in the area that I was before coming to Orximiná, and being that Oriximiná was no longer his area, he didn´t want to do much work in the days that he was still here, so we pretty much visited members and hung out at the church a lot.... Friday night we got the boat, he went to Santarém, but I stopped in Obidos which is on the way, to stay with an Elder there, who´s companion was also transferred, and there, we both waited for our companions until last night (or early this morning). 2 o´clock in the morning we had to wake up to get the boat back to Oriximiná with my companion and now... I´m here. I liked my last companion a lot, he was a lot of fun and the members here liked him a lot too. But I have to end my mission with another. But that´s about it for the week....
Do you have a new companion, yet?  If so, tell us where he's from and what he's like. My new companion is Elder Sales (Sa-les), he´s from Paraná which is in southern Brazil (so he´s Brazilian, clearly... duuuh). He´s one of my shorter companions but he looks fortinho(a little strong). He´s got 9 months in the mission, he seems like a worker from what I´ve seen but don´t know for sure, I saw him for the first time at 2 in the morning. I´ll have to tell you more about him next week.
Is there just one ward where you are?  I have looked at Oriximina on Google Earth and it looks like a pretty small town. yup, just one
Do you mostly just walk to get around or do you still take buses sometimes? no buses, it´s all on foot.
How has your suit held up?  I noticed in one of the last pictures you sent, you had it on and I hadn't seen you wearing your suit jacket for the whole time you have been down there (in pictures anyway).  Do you think you might want a new suit for Christmas? I don´t think I need a new suit, I think it just needs to go to the dry cleaners....
Do you have any idea of the date that you'll go back to Belem?  I sure hope you are there by the time we get there! I asked the secretary just now and am waiting for an answer.... espera aí!

welcome to Obidos! and a pic of.... me close to some boats and a pic of my companion and I at church...

Well... that´s all for today, if the secretaries answer me while I´m still here, I´ll let you know when I go to Belém. If not... Tchau I love you all have a great week... again... Tchau!

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