Monday, July 29, 2013

Week Eighty Five - Arrived in Oriximana and A Baptism!

Tom relaxing by a pool!

Tom, Elder Tobias at first baptism in Oriximina!

Hello Family!

       So I´m here, in Oriximiná (Oreesheemeenah), and it´s a pretty cool place. All the roads are pavemented so I don´t have to walk in the sand anymore. The members are cool, like always. There´s a family here that Elder Fox taught and baptized. They were hard core universalists (A igreja universal/the universal church or something like that), so I´ve heard some pretty funny stories about him while I´m here, fubeca Elder Fox! I think I was received well here.... anyways.... We had a baptism. 2 girls were saying the whole week "I don´t know if i´ll get baptized this week..." and one wanted the Elder that was here before me to baptize her, Elder Ashby, but that wasn´t exactly possible so she chose me for some reason... maybe it´s because my companion is annoying.... or because I´m American... maybe I because I´m blonde.... I don´t know... but nossa the baptism and confirmation was a cunfusion pra caramba. She arrived there Saturday night, but we couldn't start because there was a wedding going on in the church of some less active members... so she was upset about that, and she already said she wouldn't be able to go to church the next day so she almost wasn´t confirmed because the bishop didn´t want to confirm her except in sacrament meeting, but being the last week of the month, our zone leaders were pushing to have her confirmed this week, the stake counselor spoke to our bishop, I spoke to the bishop, nossa very annoying.... But we did it, we did it we did it, yay!.... But like.... that´s all I have to say for this week. Oh, hey! When you come here in November.... you should also buy plane tickets to Santarém, my favorite city of Pará... I already said that but you didn´t say anything so I said it again.... let´s go to Santarém!... hey about taking instruments again.... Elder Robertson, meu amigão said we´re going to start a band together. LET´S DO IT!
How was the boat ride?  Was it actually 10 hours? It was cold... no one told me that it gets cold on the boat ride at night... Yes it was about 10 hours and I could´t see much because it was night, but it was cool.

How big of a boat were you on? It´s a 3 story boat... nossa carrying my suitcase up 3 stories was annoying!

What's your new area like?  Do you have a nice apartment? The house is nice, the area is cool. It´s a lot more hilly. Going to where we work most is pretty much uphill the whole way.

Who is your new companion and where is he from?  How long out? Elder Tobias, from Maceol, 7 months in the mish.

How much do you miss Em? (that came from her, not me :)) Nossa! Emilee, sinto tua falta pra caramba, estou morrendo sem você aqui. É difícil, sabia? How long Senhor, eu tenho que ficar longe da minha irmã?!?!?! 4 more months.

Do you still eat lunch everyday at member's houses? We ate lunch at home 2. Apparently the RS president never gives us lunch, but everyday, except p-day, we have lunch marked at a members place.

Some pics! The baptism of Andrea, me at the side of a pool, relaxing, me on top of the boat waiting to leave to my new area, and I think me relaxing in the hammock...  i don´t remember. And one foto won´t be sent home because the e-mail is too big... okay... 2....

But that´s all for this week, I´m late for my appointment, I should be sleeping right now. I love you all, hope you have a great week. Miss you bunches and exactly (more or less) 4 months from now I´ll see you again. Tchau Tchau!

Love Elder R. Williams

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